Business telephony

IBSCY Ltd offers cloud business telephony (CBT) services in order to allow you and your employees to stay focused on running the business and not managing a locally installed PBX.
It is a reliable and fully customizable solution with the latest VoIP equipment. Our service will enhance your business communication and reduce the complexity of managing separate equipment and service vendors. In addition, the equipment is dedicated to your business.

Using this solution, you can manage your telecommunication with great flexibility and effectiveness, since it unifies all your corporate communication data. It allows you to create a virtual «telephony service» that responds to the specific needs of your business and includes fixed and mobile telephony, fax, e-mail and voice-mail. Cloud Business Telephony (CBT) stores your communication data in our up-to-date cloud application and maximizes its safety.  Thus, you gain total control, since you can easily implement configurations in real time, through our service’s -friendly to use- online web portal. More information can be founded HERE.

Some of the advantages of cloud telephony are:

No Upfront investment required

You simply pay a low, flat monthly fee. Installation, training and equipment maintenance included.

Scalable Solution

As your business requirements change, you can easily and cost-effectively add phones or features in low monthly increments.

Advance technology

No need for costly upgrades. Upon request, we'll upgrade your telephony software as new technologies are introduced.