Your infrastructure is a very important part of your business, either local or in the cloud. How many times you had "IT headaches" that it was difficult to solve and you lost time and business? Did you experienced any server crash and want to ensure it will never happen again? Imagine if someone trusted could just make it all work so your infrastructure could be pain free. This is what we call "Cloud Support" since you do not care for the monitoring licensing or maintenance. We just do all the necessary proactive and active support "from the cloud" which means that we are monitoring 24/7 your local or cloud equipment "remotelly".

Our cloud support service ensures that the servers of your company will have the maximum possible uptime. Using our industry leading monitoring technology, we can monitor your infrastructure around the clock and 24/7/365. Our expert engineers get notified from your systems even for minor warnings, so they can prevent any major problem.

Also, we make sure that your backups can be restored, so in case of failure we will be able to restore all your data. Using this strategy, we are minimizing the possibilities of a system outage or slowdown.

During our monthly remote sessions we install recommended patches and fixes, provide endpoint security (with continually updated anti-virus and malware definitions), administer policy management, and generally ensure your infrastructure is a fine-tuned machine. Should a problem arise that is too big to fix remotely, we will arrive within four hours to fix it and stay until the problem is resolved.