Private & Hybrid Cloud Hosting

A Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud which is dedicated only for one organization. Basically, private clouds having their own dedicated hardware and using virtualization technology allows to the IT administrator to create and manage multiple virtual servers which are located at one or many physical servers. Due to the fact that is a dedicated environment, you are the only person/organization that has access on it.

Hybrid clouds are more familiar than private clouds for large organizations. Hybrid clouds are a combination of in-house servers and private cloud. For example,some applications within the organizationare running together and in collaboration with applications that are located in a private cloud.

IBSCY Ltd provides server hosting in Cyprus for your private cloud and full support for both private and hybrid cloud.

Private and Hybrid cloud hosting provides services such as:

  • Full support of the operating system running on each of your VMs.
  • Provision your new VMs.
  • Manage and support the configuration, hypervisor layer and infrastructure 24x7x365
  • Assist in the design, configuration and deployment of your private cloud configuration
  • Purchase and renew all software licenses
  • Purchase all related hardware components
  • Manage the network and data center around the clock
  • Provide industry leading SLAs and guarantees that are clear and fair
  • Assist in the design, configuration and deployment of your hybrid cloud configuration