Telephone is a necessity for all organizations and individuals. However, nowadays in Cyprus VoIP  telephony becomes more important for all sizes of organization because it is providing significant cost savings and more functionality.  

Our company is offering in Cyprus VoIP solutions for small, medium and large organizations with the functionality that is important for your organization in order to be able to communicate and collaborate much easier than before.

Many companies in Cyprus trust IBSCY Ltd for their telephony services because of the telecommunications expertise that we gained over the years.

IBSCY Ltd has the expertise to install, configure and maintain telephone systems in Cyprus for any size and kind of business. Functionality such as voice mail, waiting line music, conference calls, automatic attendant, calls monitoring, remote offices telephony and many others can be provided to your company by installing a dedicated telephone system at your premises.

Also, in case your company has several office locations we can interconnect all the remote sites in order to be able to dial an extension for any employee of your company to any location. This is a huge advantage since all the employees will be able to collaborate easier and also your company will have huge cost savings in relation with the telephone call charges.

Currently we are offering two types of local telephony solutions:

Digital telephony

This is ideal for small offices of up-to 10 people since it is providing basic functionality. Nevertheless, if your planning  to expand your company, then it will be better to go with a more advance solution. Our consultants will be able to guide you in order to make sure that you will choose the right solution based on your business needs.

VoIP Telephony

This solution is appropriate for offices and companies that need to interconnect several remote locations. VoIP telephony solutions have more features than digital and also you can have significant cost savings on the monthly fees that you will pay to your provider. However, each case is evaluated seperatelly from our consultants in order to make sure that you choose the correct and most cost-effective solution for your company.