Why Us?

IBSCY LTD is considered as one of the most respected IT integrators in Cyprus and in the greater region. With clients all over the world and with partnerships with leading IT companies, we guarantee high-level of services, products and expertise. Using IBSCY as your IT contractor for all your IT needs in Cyprus and abroad, you can rest assured that you will get the best quality of services and products, thus, you focus on your business and not in IT issues or projects. Our main advantages as a company are:


One of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and the greater region.  

Full range of IT services including structure cabling, IT infrastructure, multifunction machines and business applications.

Cloud experts in Cyprus since 2009.   Experienced IT personnel.
Hands-on experience in various IT technologies.    Fast and reliable IT support.
Providers of full infrastructure, IT services and products for any type of organization.   "One-stop" partner for all the IT and Telecom corporate needs.
Good references with several application providers.   Several partnerships with other established IT companies.