Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based applications that includes a set of productivity tools (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). Tools for businesses are also included such as Skype for business that enables video conferences between clients and employees. Additionally, Microsoft Teams – a tool for teamwork – allows you to collaborate with your peers by sharing files, calendars and team chats.

IBSCY Ltd is certified as a Gold Partner of Microsoft in Cyprus, thus we are eligible to sell, install and configure Microsoft products across Cyprus and internationally. We offer a number of Microsoft 365 packages that suit your needs. 

 “Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Microsoft 365 is ready when you are” - Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 functionality include the following:

  • Share email folders, contacts, appointments and tasks with other colleagues.
  • Allow a replacement colleague to read your messages.
  • Delegate the management of your appointments (Calendar) and tasks to your secretary. 
  • Assign dedicated public folders or manage availability for shared resources through public calendar folders.
  • Team-mates can check your availability before requesting your attendance in a meeting by viewing your free / busy status.
  • Off-line work: Work using your Microsoft Outlook and when you connect to any network, all your emails, calendar, task and contacts will be synchronized.
  • Advanced folder search and filters.
  • Out of office assistant: Automatically reply to all your emails when you are out of the office with any message that you desire.
  • Gain instant access from anywhere in the world to email messages, contacts, calendars entries or tasks lists using the Web interface.  
  • Regardless of time and location, stay connected and organized using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® from your iOS and Android Mobile devices.
  • Antispam and antivirus for maximum security and better filtering of the spams that you receive. 
  • Weekly back-up from our staff in order to ensure that in case you lose anything, we will be able to restore it for you.

IBSCY Ltd offers a FREE trial for Microsoft 365.

Free Trial includes:

  • 25 user licenses Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 Trial
  • Delegated administration

Contact us for a Microsoft 365 FREE trial.

Microsoft Office 365 offers numerous benefits:

Anywhere Access

Easily access your files and apps from any device at any location. You can create, edit and share from your favourite desktop browser in real-time. Using Microsoft 365 you get easy access from any location.

Easy collaboration

Teams can easily work together even when remotely, as they can have multi-party video meetings, share calendars and files and have team chats. Collaboration is a must nowadays and this is why Microsoft 365 is created.

Continuous Updates

Office365 apps are updated automatically in the cloud, thus you will have access to the latest versions. There is no need for any intervention from the user. Microsoft 365 online are updated automatically.


Office365 offers an array of tools suitable for any individual’s needs. Corporate needs are changing very fast, thus, using Microsoft 365 you have all the needed functionality with you.