Technology changes rapidly. With a large number of technological innovations in today's business environment, it is not just enough to have the latest technology. You must know how to use it. Many companies have the technology and the software, but they do not utilize it for the maximum benefits that it offers.

The first and important part is to identify the needs of your company and propose the correct training courses (software/hardware courses). IBSCY Ltd as a certified partner of many well-known vendors such as Microsoft, Panda SecurityAdobe and many more, we are in a befitting position to provide you with the right training courses based on your needs. 

IBSCY Ltd provides IT training in Cyprus for your business productivity software and we can also get you up-to-speed on all your new technology solutions.

Some of our standard offerings are listed below.

Corporate Security Training

The reason why companies, regardless their size or kind, should train their workforce at all levels on the value of defending themselves and your business against "human exploitation" and cyber-attacks, is increased security. Phishing, social engineering, poor network security, and remote employees can make your company vulnerable to attackers.

Cybersecurity awareness training is the most effective technique to educate your personnel on how to strengthen the human component of your company's security. The practical skills they receive from cybersecurity awareness training can enable your employees to better defend your company against the risks of data breaches, network attacks, and ransomware threats.

With IBSCY Corporate Security Training you can be sure that when using the internet, identifying questionable emails, or choosing passwords, your staff will be secure in their choices. Our personnel is fully certified by our security partners (such as Fortinet, Cisco, Panda, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Microsoft, HPE, and more).


By rethinking ERP and building networks of intelligent organizations that offer transparency, robustness, and sustainability throughout supply chains, SAP is assisting businesses of all sizes and in all industries to operate more efficiently. Customers are able to operate profitably, continually adapt, and make a difference throughout the globe thanks to its end-to-end suite of apps and services.

The SAP training courses in Cyprus are provided by a partner of IBSCY Ltd who is certified on SAP suite.

IT Technical

IBSCY provides organizations and their IT departments with professional technical services and training courses to ensure perfect business operations reducing any additional cost and downtime.

Our certified personnel can assist your IT experts in any technical courses required in order to use and maintain the software and hardware (such as Fortinet, Cisco, Panda Security, Synology, Peplink etc) that our company provides. Moreover, if organizations need more extended training, that can be arranged by our partners at your premises.

However, IBSCY offers four types of standard maintenance agreements. Choose the best suitable agreement for your needs and have up to 24/7 assistance from our suppport team through email, phone, or our ticketing system.

MS Office Suite

For businesses, efficiency is crucial. Every company benefits from being able to easily develop, collaborate, and communicate. Access to technologies that make it easier for workers to do their tasks from any location makes companies agile and allows them to compete in their industry. The Microsoft Office 365 includes apps like Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and more. Every organization needs Office 365 since the products integrate well and complement one another. In order to enjoy all the benefits that Office 365 can offer to your business, users must be trained on using its apps so that can take full advantage of them.

This training can be done based on the needs and on what you are using from Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint). Our Microsoft certified personnel in Cyprus can guide you through Office 365 apps journey, and fortify you with the knowledge you need so that you can work with confidence and have seemless business operations. If full training is required, we can arrange it with an IBSCY partner.

Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 packages here.