Technology changes rapidly. With a large number of technological innovations in today's business environment, it is not just enough to have the latest technology. You must know how to use it. Many companies have the technology and the software, but they do not utilize it for the maximum benefits that it offers.

The first and important part is to identify the needs of your company and propose the correct training courses (software/hardware courses). IBSCY Ltd as a certified partner of many well-known vendors such as Microsoft, Panda SecurityAdobe and many more, we are in a befitting position to provide you with the right training courses based on your needs. 

IBSCY Ltd provides IT training in Cyprus for your business productivity software and we can also get you up-to-speed on all your new technology solutions.

Some of our standard offerings are listed below.

IT Technical

Any technical courses required from IT experts can be arranged from our partners at your premises.

MS Office Suite

This training can be done based on the needs and on what you are using from Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint). Otherwise, if full training is required, we can arrange it with a partner.


The SAP training course is provided by a partner of IBSCY Ltd.