Technology Audit

Your company's IT resources are a constant bottleneck to your success and your IT is not working for you? This is a standard scenario for most organizations. The IT of an organization needs "tune-ups". Your company’s IT infrastructure needs to be checked and evaluated periodically.

IBSCY Ltd and its business consultants offer Technology Audit in Cyprus, among its many other IT services, in order to examine and evaluate your organization's information technology infrastructure and operations. Accordingly, our experienced technology advisors in Cyprus will recommend the best IT solutions for your organisation. 

How does Technology Audit in IBSCY work? During our Strategic Technology Audit, a team of certified engineers will assess and benchmark your current IT infrastructure against best practices and develop a customized technology solution that fits your business needs perfectly. The specific technology audit will show you exactly where standards are met and exceeded, where your liabilities and potential threats are and which are  the most critical. IBSCY's extensive Strategic Technology Audit report will give you a clear picture of where you are today along with recommendations for the next steps and long-term solutions to optimize your IT for increased efficiency and lower costs.

Who needs a Technology Audit? Companies and organizations that believe or feel that their IT resources have become costly or unstable, if they have problems with downtime or if the overall cost of doing business is increasing. If this is the case, then contact IBSCY Ltd to proceed with an information technology audit in Cyprus.
But beyond the major warning signs that serious IT problems are imminent, EVERY business that is serious about the long-term health and security of their technology should have a Technology Audit.

What Technology Audit might include:

Storage and Disaster Recovery procedures review

Reviewing and advising on existing or new disaster recovery and business continuity procedures. Also, where the users are storing their data, what is the folder structure, what file names they use, where each user has access and anything related with data loss.

In-depth overview of all IT systems and procedures

Our IT consultants are going through the specifications of each server/PC/printer/electronic device of your company. A full list is provided with the specifications of all devices such as processor, RAM, hard disk, operating system, MS office, etc. Also, the procedures that all employees are following during their day-to-day operations using these devices. The outcome of these procedures will be work flows, internal/external processes, data flow, etc.

Risk Analysis

A full analysis of all the risks that currently the company has in relation with IT infrastructure/procedures and how to minimise these risks.

Applications overview

What applications are used, from which users, how often, what access levels they have, how the data is entered on these applications, how and where the data is stored from these applications, etc. This part also will help us create the work and data flows since we will understand better your business logic. For example, how new/existing clients are handled, what information you keep in your systems and how this information is exchanged between departments. Another example should be how (with which software) you issue invoices, who is issuing invoices, who is providing the information to add on an invoice, etc.

Network Infrastructure documentation

All the network devices are inspected and a full diagram is provided with their location, IP address, etc. Using this diagram, you will be able to see your current network with possible flaws.

Executive Health Report and recommendations

A report that includes the current status of all the IT systems, procedures, risks and our recommendations.

Current Network Topology design

A full diagram of your network is provided including servers, network equipment, printers, PCs, WiFi, etc.

Security review (including physical)

Checking and documenting the security of your current network devices (firewalls, Intrusion prevention systems, if any, antivirus, anti-spam, passwords complexity, users access levels on file server, location of the servers in the office, etc).

Technology Road Map

A report that recommends what the IT strategy should be based on the business requirements and the expansion of the company.