Project Management

From email and apps to information management, technology is a fundamental component of every small, medium and large businesses nowadays. The technological goals of any organisation must be properly overseen in order for the business to succeed. Hence, that is where IT project management comes in.

What exactly is IT project management? IT project management is the process of planning, controlling, executing and maintaining the activities that are related to IT projects. 

IBSCY is one of the leaders for IT project management in Cyprus due to the vast portfolio of current clientele and IT projects completed. Based on IBSCY expertise, we ensure overcoming any potential IT obstacles in order to manage your IT projects effectively. In return, your business will be able to achieve its IT goals effortlessly and succeed. Based on cio.com, 55% of IT projects failed in 2016.

We can handle and execute successfully IT projects for:

Equipment replacement/upgrade

Upgrades and replacements of current equipment might be a risky task especially when it is implemented in a live environment. Rest assured that we will follow all necessary steps and tasks to avoid downtime or any issues when replacing/upgrading current systems.

Hardware installation

Hardware installation is a usual task for IT departments. However, it is very important to avoid downtime and make sure that the hardware installed is correctly configured.

Network configuration

Networks are one of the most important parts of the IT of an organization, hence, needs to be installed and configured correctly and based on "best-practises".

Data management

Electronic data is becoming a very important part of all companies. Nevertheless, needs to be structured correctly and also shared with the right people.

Software and application development

The need of an in-house development is a time and budget consuming task. With the background and expertise we have in application and software development, we make sure that your project is completed on time and on budget.