IT Security

Security is a must for any type and size of organization. What will happen if your competitors manage to get your data? What happens if a virus gets into your network and destroys all your data? In case you are one of those companies, consider that the number of Internet-based attacks on businesses nearly doubles each year, and cybercriminals are now targeting small to medium-size businesses because they rarely have adequate protection. Cybersecurity trends and statistics show that cyberthreats become more sophisticated and persistent each year (Forbes) causing catastrophic results to businesses in all sectors.

IT security is very important, and you need to make sure that you have the latest and up-to-date technology from your firewall to your anti-spam solution, that it should negotiate entry and exit for employees and invited guests but render the network impervious to anyone with bad intentions.

The management and maintenance of the aforementioned equipment and software are incredibly complex and time-consuming. Hence, it should be performed only by trained engineers. This is our part since we have the know-how and technology to protect your company from these kinds of threats. IBSCY offers a range of on prem, hybrid and cloud security products and services in Cyprus and abroad, for your organization.

With the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, it has become subject to risks such as Cyber Attacks, viruses and more. It is possible for unprotected systems to become targets, not only for sophisticated hacking attacks, virus, and spam activity but also physical theft and disaster that can cause catastrophic damage to your network infrastructure and your valuable company data.

Therefore, IT security services have become very important. IBSCY, is a certified partner of several security vendors in Cyprus and greater region such as Fortinet, Watchguard, Proofpoint, Darktrace and many more, we are able to provide your business and employees with various security solutions. We provide IT security solutions in Cyprus, Greece and the greater region, including all sizes of organizations.

IBSCY Ltd ensures that your network is as safe as possible by providing:

  • Expert consultation to sort through security needs.
  • Available options to build the solution that is right for you.
  • World-class security systems built-on industry leading technology.
  • Reduced operational and personnel costs with a solution managed by IBSCY.
  • Real-time 24x7 security management, monitoring, and support.
  • Data integrity with the highest levels of authentication, access control, and confidentiality.
  • Device Control: block entire peripheral device categories (USB drives and modems, webcams, DVD/CD drives, etc.) with white-lists and control of permitted actions (access, read, write).