Cloud Telephony

IBSCY Ltd enables businesses to take a significant step forward in their communications by transitioning to the cloud and acquiring an advanced virtual IP phone system. Through IBSCY Ltd's Cloud Telephony in Cyprus and Greece, businesses can optimise for versatility and enhance their communication infrastructure. This innovative solution in the telecommunications sector allows users to place calls from any device, anywhere, without the necessity of traditional PBX equipment. The shift from conventional phone systems to cloud PBX is becoming increasingly popular due to its extensive functionality and scalability across multiple premises. 

Regarded as one of the leading providers of cloud telephony in Cyprus and internationally, IBSCY Ltd facilitates a seamless transition from on-premises systems to the cloud, often requiring nothing more than a phone handset or a soft-phone. With IBS Cloud Telephony, businesses can add new phones within minutes as they expand to multiple offices or locations, without the need for purchasing additional licenses or hardware. Additionally, IBS Cloud PBX offers significant cost and time savings. With straightforward configuration options and prompt support from IBSCY Ltd, businesses do not require an in-house expert to manage their systems. 

Cloud telephony is a robust solution that enables small and medium-sized businesses to establish a sophisticated and unified business telephone system without an initial hardware investment. Employees can effortlessly work from home, from abroad, or from their mobile phones while remaining connected to the same office telephone system, all without compromising on quality or cost. 

IBS Cloud Telephony grants users the flexibility to place calls from any device of their choice, ranging from traditional phone handsets to mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. The service supports all IP-Phone devices; for a compatibility list, please refer here

Currently, we offer two types of Cloud Telephony:

  1. Standard: includes all the features.
  2. Advanced: includes all the features + 500 minutes call recording + soft phone.

For full details of our international call charges please contact us directly. 

How can you benefit from Cloud Telephony?


Secure telephony data is stored in IBSCY Ltd's cloud infrastructure, ensuring availability for retrieval at any time. Clients can also enhance their daily security with features such as backup and restore, blacklist, and troubleshooting, all of which are included in basic plans and accessible on their devices. 

Advanced Features

Stay consistently updated, as new features and updates are automatically added to the Linkus App as soon as they are released. All advanced features are included in all Cloud Telephony plans.


Business lines can be added or removed without requiring additional investment. Furthermore, it enables companies to seamlessly manage their entire service in real-time through the Linkus App. 

Cost Savings

There is no requirement for substantial equipment costs or periodic expenditures for updates, as all services are managed from IBSCY in cloud. Additionally, intercompany calls can be made without charges, regardless of whether the offices are located. 


Gain peace of mind with the prompt assistance provided by our highly skilled and qualified personnel. Maintenance and support charges are included in the monthly fees.

International Coverage

Phone numbers are not confined to the region in which the company is located. Consequently, the country/area code displayed when making a call can be customised according to your preference. 

Remote Accessibility

Through virtual phones, employees either at the office or on-the-go, can take calls from any device, anywhere and at any time. This capability ensures that employees can maintain productivity while working remotely, creating a win-win situation.