Cloud Telephony

Move your business communication setup to the cloud and get the best 'virtual phone system'. Upgrade your business with IBS Cloud Telephony and opt for versatility for your business. IBSCY Ltd provides a new and innovative solution in the telecommunication sector, which enables users to place a call from any device, any place, without the burden of buying the traditional PBX equipment. It is clear to see why businesses shift away from conventional phone systems, as cloud PBX has a broad variety of functions and can simply scale up across several premises.

IBSCY Ltd is a leading provider of cloud telephony in Cyprus and abroad. Upgrading your existing on-premise telephony system to the cloud it greatly diminishes the complexities, often with just a phone handset or a soft-phone been required. With IBS Cloud Telephony you can add new phones within minutes any time your business expands to multiple offices or locations, without the need to pay for new licenses. With IBS Cloud PBX you can greatly benefit from a huge saving of cost and time. Plus, due to the simple configuration options and our prompt support, you won't need an in-house expert to manage your systems.

Cloud telephony service is a robust solution enabling SMBs to have a sophisticated and unified business telephone system without any initial hardware investment. Employees can easily work from home, abroad or from their mobile phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system, without compromising on quality and cost. 

With IBS Cloud Telephony you have the flexibility to place a call from any device of your choice. This could range from phone handsets and mobile phones to laptops and computers. Our Cloud Telephony service supports all IP-Phone devices, please see the compatibility list here

Currently, we offer two types of Cloud Telephony:

  1. Standard: includes all the features.
  2. Advanced: includes all the features + 500 minutes call recording + soft phone.

For full details of our international call charges please contact us directly. 

How can you benefit from Cloud Telephony?


You can easily add or remove business lines within the same phone number without any extra investment. In addition, you can seamlessly manage your whole service in real-time through the Linkus App.  

Remote Accessibility

Through virtual phones employees, either at the office or on-the go, can take calls from any device, anywhere and at any time. Hence, it is a win-win situation as employees can remain productive while working remotely. 

International Coverage

You can get phone numbers from any country of your desire. Thus, when you make a call, the country/area code of your choice will be displayed. 

Cost Savings

You no longer have to incur heavy costs for equipment or spend periodically for updates, as everything is handled in the cloud.  In addition, you can even make intercompany calls with no charges even if the offices are in other countries.


Get secured telephony data, stored in our cloud application and available for you to retrieve at any time. Also, backup and restore, blacklist and troubleshooting are available on your devices which enhances your daily security. 


Get peace of mind with the prompt assistance of our highly skilled and qualified personnel.

Advanced Features

Stay always up-to-date as new features and updates are added automatically as soon as they are released through the Linkus App.