The term IT infrastructure is defined in ITIL as a combined set of hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc. (including all of the information technology-related equipment) used to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control, or support IT services.

IBSCY LTD, as a technology provider and a leader in IT infrastructure equipment in Cyprus and Europe, we have hands-on experience and expertise to set up small or large IT infrastructure based on several vendors.

Like a builder draws a plan before starting to  build a structure, IBSCY Ltd engineers are designing preliminary plans for your IT infrastructure. From remote access to internet working solutions, our skilled staff can assess what your current and future needs are and design a plan so that those needs are met. As a result, providing a technological solution that is as unique as your business.

IBSCY Ltd is one of the most reputable companies in the IT services sector in Cyprus which includes Infrastructure, Networking, Virtualization, Wireless technologies and many others. IBSCY Ltd is the company that will assist your company and your employees to work more effectively. Also, IT consulting in Cyprus and in the greater region is one of our specializations. We can do all the consulting that is related to your infrastructure in Cyprus or to any other country that your company has a presence.

Many of our clients have their IT infrastructure in Cyprus which serves their employees in Cyprus and worldwide.


How critical is it for small and mid-sized businesses to maximize their uptime and lower their costs? After gathering your requirements we will propose to your company a virtualization infrastructure that will fit your actual needs. By implementing the Virtualization Infrastructure, companies are able to quickly add server capacity or deploy new hardware systems creating increased flexibility and scalability and lower operational costs. IBSCY Ltd is a certified partner of VMWare and Microsoft. IBSCY Ltd expertises on virtualization technologies such as HyperV and VMWare. We are proud of being one of the companies with the largest virtualization projects in Cyprus and also in Europe.

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IBSCY Ltd has the expertise to assist you and your organization with the deployment of any kind, type and size of servers (including rack, blades and tower) to any location. Using the extensive expertise of our certified staff, we can configure and maintain any existing server resources that you might have. IBSCY Ltd partnerships with leading companies such as HPE, DELLLenovo and Supermicro, and guarantees that you will get the best solution based on the requirements that your company has.

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Storage is the most important part of your infrastructure since all your data is located and accessed from these appliances. IBSCY LTD has a vast amount of expertise in Storage Area Networks (SAN). We have hands-on experience with several storage solutions in Cyprus from several vendors. Using the right device for your organization with our expertise, all your critical data will be secure and available when you need it. Whether you need a complex storage area network (SAN) or an offsite backup/highly available solution, IBSCY Ltd has the expertise and products that your company needs. Vendors such as Synology, HPE and NetApp trust our company to sell and configure their products.

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Wireless Technology

Wireless technology solutions offer businesses mobility and flexibility which helps drive productivity, initiate cost savings and increase speed to market. IBSCY Ltd offers simple and scalable wireless LAN solutions that allow companies to easily operate with 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring connectivity and reducing operational costs. Our partnership and certified engineers with Ruckus Wireless, CiscoAruba and Ligowave guarantee that you will get the best WiFi solution that is today in the market.

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Our certified experts can help you when it comes to a small network for your office or a large-scale corporate facility. We have the expertise to set up, configure and maintain networks with engineers available around the clock. IBSCY Ltd's partnership with FortiNet, Aruba Networks,  Cisco and many others, guarantees you that we have the expertise and the certification of the vendors to implement and maintain your corporate network.

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