Cloud Storage

As the only Synology System integrator in Cyprus, IBSCY Ltd offers cloud storage functionality using our highly available Synology infrastructure located at a Tier-3 data centre in Cyprus. We are offering this service "out-of-the-box" to make sure that you can have your data anywhere and, on any device, when needed. This "dropbox-like" service is ideal for small companies and for people traveling all the time for business since provides the ability to work also offline.

Using Synology CloudStation drive on your device, connected with our highly available Synology infrastructure, we guarantee uninterruptible access of your files from anywhere and any device. Also, using our service, you do not have to worry about backups since we are doing this for you daily.

Cloud Station Drive is a file-sharing service that allows you to sync files between a centralized Synology product and multiple client computers, mobiles and Synology products. To seamlessly sync your data among the Synology product and your computers, the Synology product must be chosen as the host server, and the rest of the paired computers will act as the client devices.

There are several advantages to use IBSCY's Cloud Storage that are demonstrated below.

Team up & share

Share your documents and files with people inside and outside your organization with a click of a button literary.

Full backup for your data

You just use the file access and sharing functionality. No need to worry about the backups. We do them for you from IBSCY's cloud to Microsoft cloud.

Built-in Disaster Recovery

When a disaster occurs, we have your back. Instantly we will switch you to our Disaster Recovery infrastructure.

Less hassle for your IT team

A solution to mitigating maintenance efforts and costs.

High availability of your files

This product is using our highly available Synology infrastructure at a Tier-3 data center in Cyprus.