Managed Security Services

While more and more companies are adopting digital transformation, which has resulted in a huge increase in cloud technologies and remote work, it is becoming evident that risks are also emerging. Threat actors are becoming more skilled and challenging to stop, which is resulting in thousands of assaults with catastrophic commercial effects.

Cybersecurity technologies needed to effectively identify and react to these threats have become too many to handle without a specialized staff as cyberattacks continue to get more complicated. Many firms are unable to implement in-house solutions due to the expense and personnel lack. 

Therefore, in order to secure their digital assets from internal threats, cyberthreats, or outsider threats, businesses today prefer to outsource some of their security operations to a professional Managed Security Service provider.

IBSCY, with its years of expertise, can help companies to protect their valuable assets, their vital data. Our Managed Security Services are aimed at assisting organizations in detecting risks before they become real.


As an outcome, our services enable businesses to lower risk, improve compliance, and lower the overall cost of ownership while preserving digital assets in the best possible operational and productive conditions, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

IBSCY as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offers outsourced management and monitoring over security systems and equipment. These services include managed firewall, virtual private network, vulnerability screening, anti-viral services, and intrusion detection, and more.

With a comprehensive selection of cybersecurity solutions that cater to the requirements of the contemporary digital workforce, IBSCY Managed Security Services were created to offer workable solutions to these frequent issues and free you up to concentrate on the needs of your company. Our skilled security specialists can respond swiftly and effectively to client requests and security risks.