Microsoft 365 Backup: A Comprehensive Guide


Microsoft 365 plays a pivotal role in business operations. However, relying solely on its built-in data protection is risky. To safeguard your data and ensure business continuity, understanding the importance of Microsoft 365 data protection is vital. 

Why Microsoft 365 Data Protection Matters 

While Microsoft 365 offers basic data security, it falls short in comprehensive data protection. To shield your data from accidental deletions, human errors, and cyber threats, dedicated Microsoft 365 data protection solutions are essential. Additionally, compliance with industry regulations requires secure data storage and retrieval. Microsoft acknowledges its service limitations and recommends third-party backup services for added protection. 

Best Practices for Microsoft 365 Data Protection 

To fortify your data protection strategy: 

  1. Assess Needs: Evaluate data requirements, prioritize, and set retention policies based on importance and regulations. 
  2. Automate Backups: Schedule automated backups during low-traffic periods to minimize disruptions. 
  3. Precision Recovery: Choose solutions with granular recovery to save time during data restoration. 
  4. Offsite Storage: Keep backups offsite, ideally in the cloud, for protection against on-premises failures. 
  5. Regular Testing: Test data restoration regularly to ensure reliability. 

Selecting the Right Solution 

When you are about to select the right Microsoft 365 backup solutions, there are factors that you need to consider:  

  1. How secure and encrypted is your data, both in transit and at rest, to prevent unauthorized access? 
  2. How compliant is your backup solution with relevant data protection regulations and retention policies, and how easy is it to search and export data for legal and compliance purposes? 
  3. How often can you back up your data, and how customizable are the backup schedules? 
  4. How scalable and performant is your backup solution, and how well can it handle large data sets and backup speeds? 
  5. Storage Efficiency: How well does the solution use storage space by applying techniques like deduplication and incremental backups? 
  6. Ease of Use and Management: How user-friendly and simple is the solution to set up, configure, and monitor?  
  7. Flexible Recovery Options: How easily and quickly can the solution restore data at different levels or granularity, from individual items to full application?  
  8. Comprehensive Support: How compatible is the solution with various Microsoft 365 apps and services, such as Office Apps, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and Microsoft Teams? 
  9. Automatic Backup and Scheduling: How reliably and consistently does the solution perform backups without manual intervention, and how flexible are the backup schedules? 
  10.  Selectively Backup: How selectively can the solution back up specific data sets or applications according to the user’s preferences and needs? 
  11. Support and Customer Service: How responsive and helpful is the solution provider in offering technical support and assistance? 

Choosing Between On-Premises and Cloud Backup Solutions 

When considering Microsoft 365 backup options, it's important to differentiate between on-premises and cloud solutions. On-premises solutions offer direct data control and security, even offline, while avoiding recurring subscription expenses associated with cloud alternatives. 

Synology for Microsoft 365 Data Protection 

Synology provides versatile solutions for safeguarding Microsoft 365 data, including on-premises and cloud options: 

  • Comprehensive coverage, automated backups, granular recovery, and self-service restoration are available. 
  • On-premises Active Backup for Microsoft 365 is license-free for Synology NAS users. 
  • Cloud-Based C2 Backup for Business protects data from Microsoft 365 and other devices. 

In conclusion, Microsoft 365 data protection is crucial. By understanding risks, following best practices, and selecting the right solution, you can secure your data effectively. Synology offers flexible options for your Microsoft 365 data protection needs, whether on-premises or in the cloud. IBSCY as a Synology partner in Cyprus and a Gold partner of Microsoft in Cyprus, offers professional total IT solutions tailored to every organization’s needs. 





Olga Papadimitriou is a Solution Specialist at IBSCY. She holds a BSc in Business Administration from Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia and a MSc in Supply Chain Management from the International University of Greece. She has been an integral part of the IBSCY team since 2022. 

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