Monadika Xamogela Christmas e-cards

A message from everyone at IBSCY LTD

As the festive season approaches, the IBSCY LTD team is delighted to share its commitment to making a positive impact on our community this year. The team has decided to make a financial contribution to Monadika Xamogela instead of gifting traditional Christmas presents.

Monadika Xamogela is the Pan-Cyprian Association of Rare Genetic Diseases. Since 2014, the organisation has been dedicated in strengthening the support system for individuals facing rare genetic diseases in Cyprus. The organisation’s noble mission is to strengthen existing centres in Cyprus and establishing a Centre of Excellence for Rare Diseases in the country. This initiative aims to streamline the process for patients and parents in accessing specialized teams for prompt diagnosis and tailored treatment.

At IBSCY Ltd, we understand the significant impact non-profit organizations can have in their quest to better society. This year, we are honoured to contribute to Monadika Xamogela, as we firmly believe that our support will create a lasting impact on those in need.

To share the joy of giving back, we are thrilled to present you with a unique e-card, featuring a heartfelt message from Monadika Xamogela. Please take a moment to experience the e-cards below.


Enjoy the Greek version of the e-card here  Enjoy the English version of the e-card here
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