Best Practices For Strengthening Your End-To-End Security Network Transportation Sector

IBSCY Ltd Team

Importance of security in the transportation sector

The transportation and supply chain sector are expanding, and with this growth comes increased challenges in securing devices, managing assets, and maintaining data privacy. Transportation agencies must support operational technology, comply with regulations, manage incidents, and report on security issues. This is no easy task, but there are ways to strengthen your end-to-end transportation security network.

Zero Trust Security is a crucial component of transportation sector security. By implementing identity management and role-based access to transportation resources, agencies can maximize security. Utilizing connectors with your transportation network to view on-premises, cloud, microservices, and IoT devices can also help increase security.

Next-generation SIEM platforms can be deployed to detect assets and devices and manage security events and threats. Analyzing security events through log management for devices connected via API or connectors can increase visibility, while threat intelligence and efficient automated orchestration and response can detect known and unknown threats.

Transportation agencies must also prioritize data privacy and compliance. Encrypting PII and transportation device data is crucial for GDPR compliance and data privacy. Structured and unstructured transportation data should be governed through analysis for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, and managed to eliminate risks and reduce costs from retired applications and expired data.

Finally, timely transportation insights can improve business outcomes. A holistic view of network threats, customized insights by geography, actionable impact reports, and global visualization by area can provide valuable insights that can help transportation agencies make better decisions.

In conclusion

The transportation and supply chain sector faces numerous security challenges, but by implementing zero trust security, securing transportation operations, prioritizing data privacy and compliance, and utilizing timely transportation insights, transportation agencies can strengthen their end-to-end security network and better protect their assets, data, and customers.

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