Branch edge: Revolutionizing enterprise networking with Peplink's SD-WAN solutions


In the current business landscape, where video conferencing, VoIP calls, SaaS, and the impending arrival of 5G play vital roles in productivity, enterprises need networking solutions that are faster, more flexible, and easily manageable. Peplink, a leading provider of networking technologies, offers a game-changing solution with its Wireless SD-WAN, designed to address the challenges of modern branch edge connectivity.

One of the key challenges faced by businesses is protecting application performance at every location. With the increasing usage of bandwidth-intensive SaaS and cloud services, ensuring network uptime and performance becomes paramount. Peplink's Wireless SD-WAN tackles this challenge head-on through its unique SpeedFusion technology, which creates an unbreakable and super-fast connection. This technology guarantees that applications perform optimally, regardless of the location.

Another hurdle in achieving optimal branch edge connectivity is the limitation imposed by legacy network infrastructure. Traditional services like MPLS require months to set up and bind businesses to location-specific multi-year contracts, hindering their ability to adapt to growth or changes swiftly. Peplink's SD-WAN solutions, on the other hand, leverage commodity broadband and LTE to offer the same amount of bandwidth at a fraction of the cost. This flexibility empowers businesses to scale their networks easily without being tied down by contractual obligations.

Peplink offers a range of innovative products tailored to meet the specific needs of branch edge connectivity. Let's explore some of their featured products:

Balance SDX: Designed for deployment at headquarters or data centers, the Balance SDX offers a reliable and fast access to network resources through its SpeedFusion VPN. Its modular design provides flexible choices of interchangeable connection interfaces that are upgradeable to 5G, future-proofing your network infrastructure.

MAX HD4 MBX: This Wireless SD-WAN router boasts up to 4 bonded LTE connections, ensuring high performance and 100% uptime in remote branches. With the SpeedFusion VPN, corporate network resources can be accessed within minutes, bypassing the lengthy setup time associated with wired lines.

MAX HD2: Ideal for smaller mobile branches, the MAX HD2 features 2 bonded LTE connections and offers rapid access to corporate network resources with SpeedFusion VPN, delivering enhanced connectivity without compromising performance.

MAX Transit Duo: This lightweight wireless SD-WAN router is equipped with 2 LTE slots, guaranteeing unbreakable connectivity to HQ resources. Its affordability, scalability, and ease of management make it perfect for pop-up sites or "office in a box" setups.

In Control 2: To simplify network management, Peplink offers InControl 2, a cloud-based network management platform. With InControl 2, administrators can remotely access any Peplink device on the network and push configurations to multiple devices simultaneously. The platform generates comprehensive reports on all aspects of the network, facilitating informed decision-making. Furthermore, InControl 2 can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems through its API, providing a unified management experience.

To illustrate the effectiveness of Peplink's SD-WAN solutions, let's delve into a real-world case study featuring Mytilineos, a prominent industrial conglomerate operating in various countries.

Mytilineos faced the challenge of managing branch offices and remote sites across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, each with varying bandwidth quality. They needed a cost-effective and straightforward solution to provision and connect these locations to their headquarters while maintaining centralized management. Peplink's SD-WAN technology proved to be the ideal answer.

By leveraging Hybrid WAN, Mytilineos mixed various connections such as ADSL, leased lines, satellite, and 3G/4G LTE cellular connections. The innovative WAN Virtualization technology.

As a certified partner of Peplink in Cyprus, IBSCY offers comprehensive solutions tailored to businesses in Cyprus and abroad. These solutions guarantee a resilient connection, enabling seamless operations and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.


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