Business transition: from tranditional to the digital age

By Olga Papadimitriou – Sales Administrator

The Covid-19 pandemic that has prevailed since the very beginning of 2020 has brought significant changes not only in our personal lives but in the labour sector too, significantly increasing the utilization of technology in Cyprus and worldwide, not only by large but also by small and medium businesses, as well as familiarity and increasing the existing digital skills of their employees.

The solutions offered by a variety of specialized companies in the technological field, such as IBSCY Ltd, are multiple, because of which they cover every individual business need, providing customers with a wide range of tools that promote effective communication and cooperation between them, even if there was no previous technological background. Thus, the transition to the digital age, and specifically to the Cloud, of more and more companies is a one-way street, but it is becoming more achievable, reducing the transition time from the traditional mode of operation to the modern digital one and ensuring their sustainability, competitiveness, and further development.

The advantages that emerge from the integration of new technologies are considered particularly important as they save money and valuable time which are invested in other business tasks increasing the overall productivity of companies. In addition, the development of companies leads to the development of the country in which they operate, developing multi-sectoral chains and consequently keeping economy flow and optimizing residents’ lives.

In conclusion, businesses around the world continue to depend on staff members' ability to work remotely while still being able to collaborate and communicate. According to a recent poll, 60% of customers say their security and compliance budgets have increased to better protect their infrastructures in these remote or hybrid work scenarios, and 80% of customers want to speed up their digital transformation. By enhancing end-user productivity, increasing customer happiness, and improving their bottom line through the consolidation of vendors and simplifying IT processes, IBSCY can assist businesses by offering Microsoft 365 cloud solutions that cover every need of SMBs in Cyprus and in the wider region.

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