DDoS Protection: Cisco innovates to safeguard your network


Protecting your network from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is crucial. As cyber threats continue to evolve, Cisco is at the forefront of innovation, introducing new features and enhancements to enhance resilience and defend against DDoS floods.

DDoS Edge Protection: Security at the Network Edge.

Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection, available on IOS XR routers, brings robust security to the network edge. This solution offers simple and scalable protection for applications located at the edge of the network. It autonomously detects and mitigates attacks in real-time, optimizing the performance of low-latency applications.

One notable advantage of Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection is its on-box protection capability. The software integrated into Cisco IOS XR routers can detect and mitigate DDoS attacks at line rate, ensuring the flow of legitimate traffic while preventing malicious traffic from overwhelming the network. This solution offers significant detection and mitigation capabilities without the need for additional equipment or budget.

Furthermore, Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection has zero impact on application performance. It efficiently blocks attacks in real-time without diverting or buffering traffic, guaranteeing optimal performance for low-latency applications. The solution strikes a balance between automation and control, providing ease of management with comprehensive control.

Seeing Is Believing: Demonstrating Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection.

To witness the power of Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection in action, you can watch a demo video or request a live demonstration. These resources allow you to experience how Cisco's solution detects and mitigates DDoS attacks at the network edge, empowering you with the knowledge of its effectiveness.

Comprehensive DDoS Protection for Your Edge Network.

Cisco offers comprehensive DDoS protection solutions tailored to different network environments. Here are a few notable offerings:

  1. Mobile Access: Designed explicitly for protecting mobile and IoT applications, this cell-site router-based security solution safeguards these vital components of the network.
  2. Broadband: With the increasing opportunities for attacks as fiber builds expand, Cisco provides protection solutions for service provider networks, securing the broadband infrastructure.
  3. Peering: For today's hyperscale distributed networks, Cisco's peering solution offers cost-effective protection, ensuring the resilience and availability of critical services.

Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement: Streamlining Security Management.

To simplify how organizations choose, buy, and manage their security needs, Cisco introduces the Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement (EA). This agreement consolidates various security products and services into a single agreement and portal, allowing for seamless management.

With Secure Choice EA, you can activate security products quickly, benefiting from price protection and penalty-free growth as you add more products. The agreement also provides flexible payment options, including annual payments, pay-as-you-go, and financing with 0% interest over three or five years. Furthermore, every Cisco Secure product activation includes the built-in Cisco SecureX platform, enabling unified visibility, automation, and enhanced security across the network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

A Multilayered Security Approach.

Cisco's DDoS protection solutions are part of a broader range of security products offered by the company. Here's a glimpse of the security solutions available for network, user and device, and cloud and application security:

Network Security:

  • Cisco Secure Firewall
  • Cisco Secure Network Analytics
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Cisco Secure Web Appliance
  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • Cisco Defense Orchestrator
  • Cisco Cyber Vision

User and Device Security:

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint
  • Cisco Secure Email
  • Cisco Secure Access by Duo
  • Kenna Security
  • Cisco Secure Malware Analytics
  • Cisco Secure Endpoint Virtual Private Cloud
  • Cisco Talos Incident Response

Cloud and Application Security:

  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Cisco Cloudlock
  • Cisco Secure Workload
  • Cisco Secure Cloud DDoS Protection

These solutions can be bundled together for comprehensive protection, ensuring the security of your network, users, and applications.

Why Choose Cisco Secure DDoS Protection?

In the digital economy, maintaining the availability of your online business is paramount. Here are a few reasons why Cisco Secure DDoS Protection stands out:

  1. Zero-Day DDoS Protection: Adaptive, behavioral-based algorithms effectively block previously unseen attacks with the industry's lowest false positive rate.
  2. Highest Availability Under Attack: By accurately distinguishing legitimate traffic from malicious traffic, Cisco's solution enables advanced service-level agreements (SLAs) and increases service availability.
  3. Data Center Efficiency: Cisco's comprehensive protection eliminates anomalous flows that consume network resources and impact application availability, ensuring efficient data center operations.
  4. Flexible Deployment Options: Cisco offers various deployment options, including on-premises, always-on, on-demand, and hybrid solutions, catering to different risk profiles and business requirements.

With Cisco Secure DDoS Protection, organizations can safeguard their networks with confidence, benefiting from innovative technologies and comprehensive security coverage.

In conclusion, Cisco continues to innovate in the field of DDoS protection, equipping organizations with robust solutions to defend against evolving cyber threats. From edge protection to comprehensive coverage for different network environments, Cisco's offerings deliver the necessary resilience and performance required in today's digital landscape. By leveraging the Secure Choice EA and a wide range of security products, organizations can streamline their security management and stay ahead of emerging threats.


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