DiskStation Manager 7.1

By Olga Papadimitriou – Business Development Officer

DiskStation Release

Synology is staying competitive not only on a hardware front, providing exceptional DiskStations but also on the software front with excellent data management service releasing DiskStation Manager 7.1. DSM has new OS features such as expanded possibilities for larger deployments, improved file sharing options, caching, more intuitive management and the new major backup updates and cloud management options, come together in a DSM that is easier than ever to monitor and protect.

Businesses can now perform bare-metal backups of their NAS with Active Backup for Business, check for and install DSM security updates remotely from Active Insight, protect and restore Hybrid Share folders and files with new built-in snapshots, display multiple Synology SMB file servers on their network as one big Portal Folder.

DSM features are summarized below:

Protect entire NAS with full DSM backup

  • Full Synology NAS backup
  • Advanced backup options
  • Flexible restore options

 Storage server enhancements

  • Shared folder aggregation
  • Multi-volume flash caching

 New advanced deployment options

  • Better VMM storage performance
  • Data snapshots in Hybrid Share
  • Read-Only Domain Controller support

 Better monitoring and management

  • Monitor hidden background tasks
  • Unified drive management in SHA

 Updates to popular packages

  • Active Backup for Business 2.3.0
  • Synology MailPlus Server 2.3.2
  • Synology Drive 3.1.0
  • Active Insight 1.4.0


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