Empowering Hybrid Workforce Security - Cisco Endpoint Security

As organizations adapt to the hybrid work model, securing the environment while enabling flexible work styles becomes a paramount challenge. Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly known as 'AMP for Endpoints') offers a robust solution that installs confidence, bolsters resilience, and ensures security for the future.

Protecting the Hybrid Workforce

The rise of remote work and the shift towards hybrid work present security teams with new complexities. Cisco Secure Endpoint defends hybrid workers wherever they are, leveraging powerful threat insights from Cisco's extensive cybersecurity portfolio. With this solution, organizations can safeguard their workforce at home, in the office, or any remote location.

Staying Resilient

Recognizing that no cybersecurity solution is flawless, Cisco Secure Endpoint goes beyond threat prevention. It simplifies security operations through native integration with an open and extensible Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution, along with advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities. This ensures prompt recovery from attacks and enhances security posture, reducing the impact and duration of disruptions.

Securing What's Next

The ever-evolving threat landscape demands proactive measures. Cisco Secure Endpoint empowers organizations to anticipate and mitigate emerging threats. With comprehensive endpoint security, integrated cybersecurity solutions, and actionable threat intelligence from the esteemed Cisco Talos research team, security teams gain a unified approach to XDR. This enables early detection, prioritized alerts, guided remediation, and automation, ensuring preparedness against new attack vectors.

With Cisco Secure Endpoint, organizations can confidently navigate the hybrid work environment, secure their workforce, and proactively defend against sophisticated threats. Be bold, be fearless, and embrace the future of endpoint security.

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