Enhancing IT infrastructure protection with Synology


Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to store and manage critical data. Ensuring the security and availability of this data is paramount, and this is where Synology, a leading provider of data protection tools, steps in. Synology offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to safeguard your business by efficiently backing up physical and virtual machines, as well as SaaS accounts. In Cyprus, you can turn to IBSCY, a trusted partner of Synology, with certified employees ready to offer and support Synology solutions.

Protecting Your IT Infrastructure

  • Windows and Linux. One of the core features of Synology's data protection tools is bare-metal backup. With this capability, you can achieve total protection of your workstations by backing up not only data but also applications and system settings. This ensures that your entire IT environment can be quickly restored in case of a disaster.

Synology also offers flexible recovery options, allowing you to choose between bare-metal and file-level recovery methods. This flexibility is invaluable as it allows for instant restoration to virtual machines, reducing downtime and minimizing the impact on your business operations.

  • VMware and Hyper-V. For virtualized environments running VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, Synology provides agentless backup solutions. This means you can create backup tasks without the need to install an agent on each virtual machine, simplifying management and reducing overhead.

Additionally, Synology's quick recovery capabilities enable you to achieve near-zero Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). You can restore virtual machines back to their original location or even migrate them to another hypervisor like Virtual Machine Manager seamlessly.

  • File Servers. File servers are often a critical component of any IT infrastructure. Synology's data protection tools offer agentless backup for file servers using the SMB or rsync protocol. This approach eliminates the need for installing agents on file servers, making backup tasks more efficient.

Furthermore, you can design an ideal backup plan for your business by taking advantage of features like multi-versioning, data mirroring, and incremental backups. These options ensure that your file server data is protected comprehensively while minimizing storage requirements.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

In the era of cloud-based productivity suites like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, data protection remains crucial. Synology simplifies the management of these accounts by enabling continuous backup. It automatically detects and protects new accounts on the same domain, ensuring that no critical data is left unprotected.

Moreover, Synology's powerful recovery capabilities allow you to restore mailboxes, individual emails, or files and folders while retaining their original permissions. The smart search feature also makes it easy to retrieve specific items through simple keyword searches, saving time and effort.

Why Choose Synology and IBSCY?

Synology's data protection tools are designed to meet the needs of modern businesses efficiently. With IBSCY as a partner in Cyprus, you gain access to a certified team of professionals who can offer, configure, maintain, and support all Synology products.

  • Efficient Storage Management. Synology helps you minimize storage consumption and reduce costs with advanced deduplication technologies. This ensures that you are not wasting valuable storage space on redundant data, saving both time and money.
  • Minimal Disruption. Maximizing service uptime is essential for business continuity. Synology's restoration methods leave your systems virtually unaffected, ensuring that your operations can continue seamlessly even during data recovery processes.
  • Cost-Effective. With IBSCY's expertise and Synology's one-time cost model, you can keep critical data available without tying your business to recurring fees for every user or device. This predictable pricing structure helps you manage your budget effectively.
  • Centralized Solution. With Synology and IBSCY, you can manage all backup tasks from a single console. This centralized approach streamlines administration, and you can stay up to date with notifications and scheduled reports, ensuring that your data protection strategy remains robust.
  • Smart Protection. Synology's data protection tools are designed to minimize backup time and bandwidth usage with incremental backup. Only the data that has been changed is copied, reducing the strain on your network and storage resources.
  • Easy Deployment and Scalability. Adding your IT assets and securing them through Synology's intuitive, centralized interface is straightforward. With IBSCY's support, you can easily implement and scale Synology solutions as your business grows, ensuring that your data protection strategy remains adaptable.


In conclusion, Synology's data protection tools provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for securing your IT infrastructure. By offering a wide range of features and capabilities, Synology ensures that your business can back up and recover critical data across various platforms, from physical and virtual machines to SaaS accounts. With IBSCY as your partner in Cyprus, you can have peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are protected, and your business operations remain resilient in the face of adversity.

IBSCY Ltd Team

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