FortiToken Cloud: Cloud Management of Two-Factor Authentication in a FortiGate environment

By Olga Papadimitriou – Sales Administrator


Because most of the common security breaches have to do with user accounts and passwords compromising, the two-factor authentication has been increasingly adopted. The Two-Factor Authentication which is achieved through mobile application tokens or physical hardware, increases the certainty of user’s identity while entering the network. The FortiToken Cloud enables businesses to manage their FortiGate’s token implementations from anywhere if there is an internet connection.

This service includes all the required elements for implementing two-factor authentication in the customer’s FortiGate environment, including the FortiToken Mobile tokens. FortiToken Mobile tokens are simplifying the end-user two-factor experience to a simple swipe or click to accept, by using its push technology. 

 FortiToken Cloud


FortiToken Cloud is a highly available platform with robust technology that manages the lifecycle of clients’ two-factor authentication environment. Because it’s a cloud service, its intuitive dashboard is available anywhere, if there is an Internet connection. FortiToken Cloud is able to scale to support organizations with a single FortiGate to managed service providers managing multiple FortiGates. Its benefits are summarized below:

  • Centralized Two-Factor Management: supports the FortiGate environments of individual business and manage service providers.
  • Simplify deployment and administration of two-factor tokens Service includes everything necessary to implement two-factor authentication in a FortiGate environment including tokens via FortiToken Mobile.
  • Easy deployment: no additional onsite hardware, software, or ACL changes
  • Stackable subscriptions: All licenses are stackable with co-termed renewals. FortiToken Cloud can easily expand as your needs change.

Fortinet offers long term Identity and Access Management as a Service (IdaaS) with FortiToken Cloud (FTC). FTC is a Subscription Service available through the purchase of time-based licenses and it gives the opportunity to FortiGate’s clients to use its service for their Two Factor Authentication users. FTC Licences are consumed per year based on the MFA cloud service number and include 100 SMS messages per user with the option to purchase additional SMS messages if needed.

Fortinet partnership with IBS

IBSCY Ltd is a certified silver partner of Fortinet in Cyprus. As a certified IT company, we guarantee fast and professional IT solutions. We provide IT services and IT support with expertise and professionalism for all businesses in Cyprus and abroad.

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