Four productivity tips for remote workers

Considering to work remotely?

Every organization is looking for increased productivity and flexible working, especially after Covid-19. Creating your own mobile office, will have a significant effect on your productivity as it will enable you to have the functionality of working at an office anywhere you are. IBSCY offers IT Services and IT consulting to help you and your organization to work any time from any place and feel like being in the office. In general, our IT consultants and IT engineers can “make your office mobile”.

These are four productivity tips to keep your office at your fingertips anywhere with an Internet access

  • “Throw” yourself into the cloud: Your virtual office should offer the ability to work at full productivity from any remote location that has Internet access. You can use any public cloud service with a small monthly fee or even you can have your own private cloud and you will be able to work from home like the office. However, the advantage of having your own private cloud is the ability to serve up personalized desktops from your own server. For lower budgets there are several tools that are providing remote access to your office PC.
  • Get the right equipment: Even though you will not locate at the office, you need to have the right equipment to feel and work like the office. With remote desktop, you can access your office PC from anywhere that has an Internet connection. The equipment that you will need is a laptop or a smartphone with at least 3G to provide the Internet access to your laptop.
  • Use your smart phones features: Do not switch on your laptop immediately. Most of the features your laptop has can also be embedded in your smartphone. If you use iPhone or Android, you can still access your emails through an application. The same with calendar, contacts and documents can be fully used directly from your smartphone.
  • Do not forget security: When working remotely, it is very important to secure your data. One of the main advantages of not so revolutionary remote desktop and working in the cloud is that you do not have any data locally on your laptop, but everything is on the server at your office or in cloud. On this case, you must ensure that the connection to your office server or in the cloud is secured using strong encryption.

Avgoustinos Constantinides

Director of IBSCY  Ltd

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