Get fully protected personal data with Synology's innovative solutions

By Olga Papadimitriou – Sales Administrator

Synology Inc. is a company that creates network-attached storage for backup and data storage, IP surveillance solutions, share files on-the-go, and network equipment to manage data, conduct surveillance, and manage networks in the cloud era. As a leading company in data storage and backup who understands the importance of safeguarding personal data, it is always seeking to raise awareness, and to promote the very best practices to maintain privacy and secure delicate data.

According to AG's office in Olympia (Washington Attorney General's Office) and Cobalt.io, till 2021, 6.3 million data breaches were sent to Washingtonians with businesses being hacked every 11 seconds. Moreover, 86% of data breaches that occurred in 2021 were financially motivated. As for Cyprus, reports from CSIRT-CY showed that in 2021, 43% of cyber-attacks targeted SMBs with an outstanding attack-increase up to 400% since the pandemic began.

Considering the above information, Synology recommends three crucial steps that users should do to protect their vital data:

  • Encryption. It is mandatory to encrypt files because this makes them no longer readable without the encryption key for any person or machine. This method protects data from bad actors whether data is on a PC, NAS or in the Cloud. Also, this keeps data protected if drives are stolen, damaged or lost.
  • Enable HTTPS. When you enable HTTPS, sensitive data is encrypted before transferring over the internet or other networks. This method ensures that malicious third parties will not be able to intercept and view the data.
  • Secure and update user accounts. It is important to ensure that all user accounts are up to date with the correct permissions and that old or no longer used accounts are deleted. Also, it must be made sure by administrators that all user accounts have a unique login name with a strong password. A good overview of data encryptions and exports are offered only in Synology NAS with the exclusive DiskStation manager. Data can easily be monitored by Admins and with user's settings from a central consul, ensures that businesses' data is safe without taking up a lot of their time.

IBSCY Ltd as a partner of Synology in Cyprus offers multiple IT solutions to businesses in Cyprus and in the wider region making sure that your vital data are secured from any threats and making business’ processes run seamlessly.

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