How can IBSCY Ltd Support Small Businesses Remotely


The coronavirus lockdown has turned every small business around the globe into an unknown state. The pandemic has brought about an unprecedented crisis in the business community, especially on SMBs which many face an uncertain time. Small businesses are currently facing a hard time as they need to balance between employee’s health and business continuity.

Since the workforce is now operating remotely the number of risks and challenges accompanied increases. Risk and challenges including remaining productive while remote, enabling collaboration, cybersecurity and many more. IBSCY Ltd can help your business to minimise the aforementioned risks and challenges.

How can IBSCY Ltd support small business during lockdown?

IBSCY is certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner and thus our IT team has the right knowledge and know-how to support small businesses during unprecedent events like Covid-19.

  1. Enabling Collaboration - Collaboration is the key for a company’s success. MS Office 365 unlocks the modern ways of working as it provides a range of tools that you can access anytime, anywhere and on any device. While working from home you can still attend meetings online, share files, co-author in real time and many more. In case you don’t have Office 365, our IT support can set it up for you.
  2. Remote IT Support – In case your employees face any IT issues, IBSCY offers remote IT support where our IT experts handle your issues in order for your employees to keep working uninterrupted. In case face-to-face meeting is required, our IT team takes all the necessary health precautions concerning covid-19.
  3. Ensure Network Security – In order for the employees to work safely and access files as they used to in the office, IBSCY can set up a VPN for all your employees where they can connect to the company’s network. This can be done with the use of Fortigate’s Firewall. By doing so, it eliminates the risk of “outsiders” to access company’s files.
  4. Cloud Storage – As more people are now working from home, the need to store files in order to be accessible by others and the amount of data files increases. IBSCY is the only Synology System integrator in Cyprus and we offer cloud storage functionality using our Synology infrastructure located at a Tier-3 data centre in Cyprus. This "dropbox-like" service is ideal for small companies and for people on-the-go since it provides the ability to also work offline.
    You can access your files anytime, on any device and we also backup your data daily.


The pandemic lockdown has greatly affected businesses to a great extent, especially small businesses. In case your business doesn’t have the right technology or struggles with IT issues, our IT team is readily available to set up your organisation and help you during these difficult times. Focus on your business operations and let your IT problems to us!


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