How to save in IT costs

The following pages will propose several ways of minimizing your running expenses. However, it is not recommended to proceed and do these changes without the proper planning and sizing. IBSCY Ltd is offering this service called “Technology Audit”. With Technology audit, our experienced engineers are assessing your infrastructure and everything related with your IT and comes up with recommendations on how to minimize your expenses.

Your IT infrastructure is a major capital investment and a major running cost. Minor things can be changed in order to have significant savings. Running expenses such as air conditioning and electricity can be minimized with minor changes on the configuration and/or setup of your equipment. However, nowadays it is almost impossible, even for large organizations, to invest on hardware and can be more wise to transfer a part or your entire infrastructure in the cloud.

Your servers are the heart of your data center and the blood of your business. However, each server is consuming approximately 40 Euros on electricity and 50 Euros on maintenance per month. Based on this, you have 90 Euros of running expenses for each server per month that you have at your company.
In order to save a significant percentage of the aforementioned amount, several things can be done such as:

  • Virtualize all your servers in order to have less physical machines in use.
  • The temperature of the server room has to be between 21 and 23 Celsius.
  • It is highly recommended to transfer as many servers as possible in the cloud.

Nowadays it is a must. Get in the cloud to save costs. Your costs are minimized since you are paying on a pay-what-you-need scheme and there is no need to maintain equipment that you will never use. For example, use the cloud for your email, files, accounting or CRM software of your company in order to save in hardware costs, maintenance, electricity, licensing and also avoid any downtime of your business in case there is a failure on your in-house systems.

The cost of security is mostly on hardware and licensing. Use cloud services for most of your security infrastructure such as web filtering, antivirus, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection service. Using the cloud you will have a significant decrease on yearly licensing costs and also your users will be protected no matter where they use their laptops from.


Even though there are not so many ways that you can significantly reduce costs of printing other than stop printing entirely, there are some tricks that will help you to lower your printing bill. Some ways of doing this are the following:

  • Try to use only laser printers since the cost per copy is much less than a desk jet printer
  • Setup your printer to print on both sides by default in order to save paper
  • For color printers, make sure that you have in defaults to print black and white
  • Make sure that you use genuine toners.

All of the above recommendations will guarantee that you will have significant cost savings from day one and without any operational problems. IBSCY Ltd offers all the above services and we will be more than happy to discuss any inquiries with you in order to come out with a complete solution for the savings that your company will have in case you follow our recommendations.

With our Technology audit service, we guarantee that a report will be generated in order to show in actual numbers the cost savings that your company will have in case you follow our recommendations. Cost savings are guaranteed and Technology audit is a free service when you proceed with our proposed changes.

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Antonis Haralambous
Solutions Architect


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