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By Olga Papadimitriou – Business Development Officer

Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant changes in the labour sector since 2020, leading to increasing utilization of technology in Cyprus and worldwide not only by large but also by small and medium enterprises.

The solutions offered by a variety of companies in the technological field are multiple, because of which they cover every business need, providing customers with a wide range of tools that promote effective communication and cooperation between them ensuring their sustainability, competitiveness, and further development.

The advantages that emerge from the integration of new technologies are considered particularly important as they save money and valuable time which are invested in other business tasks increasing the overall productivity of businesses.

Regarding to technology companies, in order to be able to meet the clients’ needs they must continuously research and develop innovative solutions and create new products and services for the market and add to the company's bottom line. In other words, Research and Development (R&D) is a highly important function within an organization that provide insights on understanding consumers’ perceptions and problems with technology. In addition, it also focuses on research on new technologies that can significantly influence business performance and efficiency.


IBSCY Ltd, as a leading IT company in Cyprus, we provide total IT solutions and we are one of the largest cloud providers with vast expertise in cloud technologies. IBS is always investing in Research and Development (R&D) for new technologies and especially the cloud. To do so, is currently a member of a consortium for a cloud research project called “CloudRecoMan”, in collaboration with the University of Cyprus. The Software Engineering and Internet Technologies (SEIT) Lab of the University of Cyprus coordinates the research project “CloudRecoMan” (Cloud Resource Recommendation and Management Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises) that investigates the adoption of cloud computing from SMEs in Cyprus.

During this project, an investigation is contacted on the adoption of cloud computing from SMEs in Cyprus and the new platform will enable owners to process and transform business requirements into a deployment solution. More specifically, the user is asked to enter abstract business requirements to get recommendations on proposed cloud solutions.

The aim of this research is to offer a new platform that will enable owners to process and transform business requirements into a cloud deployment solution. More specifically, professionals will be enabled to enter abstract business requirements to receive recommendations on proposed cloud solutions.

As indicated, in IBSCY Ltd, as cloud services experts, we are always at the forefront of technology, constantly researching for innovative solutions to offer to our customers cloud applications, in the most professional way. With its certified employees and in combination with its partnership with the best vendors of technological products, IBS guarantees excellent services and total IT solutions for every business in Cyprus and abroad, regardless of industry and size.

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