IBSCY partnership with Teltonika Networks

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Teltonika Networks, a growing technology business that makes expert network connectivity equipment for markets throughout the world.

Teltonika has created a diverse array of solutions for the most challenging applications of Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Green Energy via its extensive expertise and R&D of industrial network devices for IoT and M2M communication. The company has complete control over the product development process, allowing them to react swiftly and adapt to changing market demands while maintaining product dependability, security, and usability. All Teltonika products are produced and assembled in a modern factory in Lithuania as part of Teltonika IoT Group, allowing them to guarantee the highest quality standards.

With this partnership, IBS aims to grow its portfolio with cutting-edge hardware devices that can help businesses operate more effectively and break down physical barriers.

Currently, Teltonika sells its 28 products in more than 132 countries, enabling more than 200 business cases. Also, it possesses over 50 certifications that allows the company to use its products globally.

About IBSCY Ltd:

IBSCY Ltd is a leading provider of total IT solutions and services in Cyprus and specializes in the areas of cloud services and applications, systems integration, IT infrastructure, collaboration, management, and security solutions. IBS is constantly working to improve its portfolio and provide its clients with new technology solutions and services. IBSCY does not only provide the right hardware but also the right expertise for the client to utilize the technology in the most efficient way. For more information, visit www.ibs.com.cy.

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