Increase ROI with IBS Cloud Services


By Rawan Baher – Office Administrator

Cloud Services are a wide range of services created to provide quick, inexpensive access to resources and applications without the need for internal hardware or infrastructure.

IBSCY Ltd as a leading Cloud provider in Cyprus offers to its clients Cloud Services in Cyprus and abroad. Using cloud services, any business may delegate administration and day-to-day IT operations to a third party.


One of the most crucial duties of an IT department is data backup. To prevent any economic losses, you should be able to quickly recover from server or system failures. It is crucial for your company to keep providing customer service after a tragedy while you wait for a replacement.

Our solution has functions like incremental backups performed after the initial complete backup, versioning, data compression, encryption, and safe local backups. It supports open file backup, system state backup, and backup of active servers and databases, including Oracle Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft SQL Server. Currently, we offer four Cloud backup solutions:

  • IBSCY Backup for SMBs
  • Synology Backup
  • Azure Backup
  • Synology Backup


As the only Synology System integrator in Cyprus, IBSCY offers highly available Synology infrastructure in a Tier-3 data center in Cyprus, combined with cloud storage capability, ensuring daily backup and uninterrupted access to your files from any location and device.


No matter the size or the industry, collaboration is crucial for all businesses. With the utilization of Cloud Collaboration tools, employees can collaborate, share, and edit projects via the cloud. Microsoft 365 collaboration tools provide safe, anytime access to email, calendars, Office Web Apps, instant messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing.


Cloud Telephony is a reliable option that allows SMBs to have a sophisticated, unified business telephone system without making an initial hardware investment. Employees may effortlessly connect to the same office telephone system whether working from home, overseas or from their mobile device without sacrificing quality or cost. Cloud Telephony offers numerous advantages such as Remote Accessibility, Flexibility, Advanced Features, Security, Support, International Coverage, and Cost Savings.


In IBSCY, as Microsoft Cloud Experts, we offer Microsoft Office 365 which provides several productivity tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype for Business (which allows for customer and staff video conferencing), and more. Additionally, you may work together with your co-workers using Microsoft Teams, a platform for cooperation, by sharing files, calendars, and team conversations. With Microsoft Office 365 you can have anywhere access, easy collaboration, continuous updates, and flexibility.


Every year, the number of Internet-based attacks on organizations almost doubles since SMBs are rarely well protected. IBSCY offers a variety of cloud security products and services in Cyprus and abroad, for your business and employees:

  • Email Anti-Spam and Antivirus
  • Encryption
  • Antivirus and Anti-Malware
  • Device Control

Some of our Security solutions provided in partnership with leading security vendors are:

  • Fortinet: Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Unified Threat Management (UTM), FortiToken
  • Panda Security: Panda Adaptive Defense 360
  • Microsoft: Mobile device management (MDM), Identity, and access management.


The IT systems that support business processes are the focus of Disaster Recovery. In the event of a disaster, a company must be ready to recover its critical IT infrastructure. Azure Site Recovery is simple to deploy and manage, reduces infrastructure costs, and minimizes downtime with dependable recovery.


Microsoft Azure is a platform and architecture for cloud computing that enables the creation, deployment, and management of applications and services over a worldwide network of data centers hosted by Microsoft and its partners. With Microsoft Azure, you can move more quickly, accomplish more, and spend fewer money thanks to a growing range of integrated cloud services in the areas of analytics, computing, databases, mobile, networking, storage, and web.

With IBSCY’s Cloud Services organizations can concentrate on their business rather than their IT issues or IT strategy. Our clients may operate more productively and economically by utilizing their skills and knowledge, which leads to a quicker ROI (Return on Investment) for their company.


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