Migrating to Cloud Telephony: Advantages for any size of Company

By Fragkos Maragkou – Solutions Team Leader

No matter the size of the company, cloud computing has gone above and beyond the trial and error period. Nowadays cloud computing is a robust and mature platform for all kinds of solutions in many fields. SMBs as well as Enterprise organizations are well established in multi cloud environments, for reliability and redundancy. The minority of those who hesitate to change, will soon be convinced/forced to move to the cloud since old technologies, local data centers etc. are moving to a more internet-based environment.

Sooner or later, all businesses will migrate all or most of their communications to the cloud – including telephony services. Business technology market is evolving at a great rate, and you will need to do the change too since you can’t afford to rely obsolete legacy equipment, if you want to be competitive. Cloud telephony is more flexible, reliable and efficient at a cost-effective manner, over any traditional PBX. Traditional PBX systems will soon be not supported, since the main vendors are moving to cloud solutions themselves. Fewer upgrades are being developed for the traditional PBX systems which will slowly bring them to a halt.

The main advantages of Cloud Telephony are:

  • Improved control, access and efficiency – no matter where you are, you can always do the changes on the system without having to employ another person.
  • Continuously updated – Cloud telephony never leaves your service outdated. Updated features are automatically added as soon as they are released.
  • Scalable – You don’t have to invest today for tomorrow. You can always add/remove users on the go.
  • Flexible Working Policy - Bring your Own Device is now very popular. You can pickup a call from your mobile phone anywhere.
  • Reduced Cost – Save money without compromising quality. No locked contracts or expensive hardware.
  • Simplicity – Cloud Telephony doesn’t require on-site equipment. Easy interface has made is very simple to manage.

Small to Medium sized companies, enjoy the free maintenance and per seating pricing as well as the capabilities and integrations that the cloud encourages. Moreover, the integration with existing cloud solutions is a bonus, having to manage less equipment.

Larger companies having already spent a fortune on PBX systems are slowly moving to hybrid solutions, combining cloud as well as their existing equipment. Once the support runs out, the switchover to cloud telephony will be unavoidable as it offers great savings and flexibility.


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