Nas or SAN? How to choose the right storage solution

By Olga Papadimitriou – Sales Administrator

Every industry is undergoing a transformation, and data is at the center of this. In order to keep up with the rapid rise of data in the digital world, every organization must manage, protect, and safeguard its data.

To begin with, we need to swiftly explain the difference between SAN and NAS. Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) are techniques for centrally controlling storage and sharing it with several hosts (servers). While SAN may make use of both Ethernet and Fibre Channel, NAS is Ethernet-based. On NAS, which is dedicated file storage, data may be retrieved from a centralized disk capacity by numerous users and a variety of client devices. A typical Ethernet connection is used by users on a local area network (LAN) to access the shared storage. On SAN, which is an interconnected network of storage devices, a shared pool of storage space is offered that may be accessed by several servers or PCs. Storage on the SAN may be accessed by any computer connected to the network as though it were transforming.

The management and security of data is the main purpose of Synology. Every company can manage, secure, and safeguard its data with Synology at the scale required to handle the exponential data development of the digital world, whether it is needed for access from flash to disk or various cloud architectures.

With its industry-leading NAS/SAN technologies, Synology Data Management Systems creates a flexible private cloud for unstructured data. The company offers a large variety of products, making the decision-making process as simple as possible:

  • FS Series. Latency-sensitive workloads can benefit from the ultra-high performance, all-flash storage options.
  • HD Series. High-density SAS storage server designed for quick data scalability, improving operational effectiveness, and IT infrastructure.
  • SA Series. For scalable business storage, high-performance, and capacity needs.
  • XS+/XS Series. For high-performance storage that is reliable and designed for companies.
  • Plus Series. The expanded data management and protection capabilities will accelerate the data management process.
  • Value Series. Consolidating your files together, with simple management and sharing options.
  • J Series. With its easy administration and sharing options, you can easily group files together.
  • UC Series. Reliable high-availability SAN for iSCSI & FC environments.
  • Surveillance. Synology offers you actionable insights with its DVA series of AI-powered NVRs that are built for privacy-focused deployments.

Selecting a storage solution

Whether you are a small office or a large enterprise, Synology helps you choose the right storage solution for your needs:

Home or small office

  • File server & synchronization. Multiple users can have access to various files while seamlessly syncing and sharing files across various platforms.
  • Data backup to safeguard your data from your Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices to Synology NAS.
  • Multimedia hub. Utilize an easy-to-use online and mobile interface to collect, play, and share your photographs, music, and videos.
  • Productivity. Create, edit, and sync documents, spreadsheets, and presentations easily while collaborating in real-time.
  • Virtual machine on NAS. Your Synology NAS can effectively host many virtual computers.

Business or enterprise

  • File server & synchronization you can synchronize and share files seamlessly between Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Data backup. Protect corporate data on servers, PCs, virtual machines, and cloud services.
  • Storage for virtualization. You can use Synology NAS as a storage option in your virtualized environment.
  • Collaboration. Create, edit, and sync documents, spreadsheets, and presentations easily while collaborating in real-time.
  • Mail services. You can set up a private, dependable, and secure mail server with a web-based client to increase productivity.
  • Virtual machine on NAS allows you to make VM clusters with migration and adjustable scaling for resource allocation and load balancing.

To conclude, Synology offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of all companies. NAS works well for small and medium-sized companies that want more redundancy and simpler data access. Large enterprises that require their data to be readily available and have a lot of it should use SAN.

IBSCY, as a partner of Synology in Cyprus, can assist you to choose the best storage solution for your requirements. As a certified service provider of Synology NAS in Cyprus, IBSCY has the knowledge and experience to sell, install, and maintain all its products providing professional IT Support and maintenance.

Contact IBSCY and our certified personnel will answer all your inquiries.

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