Native and free applications to take full advantage of your Synology NAS

By Fragkos Maragkou – Solutions Team Leader

Synology is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device which can be used for various applications. Whether you set it up at your household or office network, you can store from important documents to precious photos, music and video collections. These files can be accessed using a web browser or even mobile apps. You can also take advantage from the vast amount of services which are provided by Synology via the Internet.

While there are multiple ways to store and access your data, using Google Drive, USB drives etc., there are a few drawbacks like expensive monthly subscriptions and letting someone else hold your personal data. A Synology device is purchased once off and all your data is safely stored at your desired location.

Moreover, Synology provides to the end user numerous time-saving services, mostly for FREE. Registering for a QuickConnect ID is very simple and it will give you free access to your NAS device without complicated router settings. There are plenty of video tutorials online to get you going and managing your NAS. Synology also provides a large cloud storage space without any subscription fees. You can easily share your space with family members. Such a small investment for so much.

A few of the currently 147 applications – addons and their functionality is listed below (all of them free of charge, unless stated otherwise):

Active Backup for Business - designed to provide a comprehensive while centralized data protection solution, helping you back up business PCs, VMs, physical servers, and file servers all alike.

• Active Backup for Office 365 - provides a centralized interface coming with account discovery for effective data backup and management, the continuous backup mode for minimizing the risk of data loss, the Active Backup for Office 365 Portal for efficient restoration, and so much more

Active Backup for G Suite - provides a centralized interface coming with account discovery for the effective backup and management of My Drive and shared drives data, the continuous backup mode for minimizing the risk of data loss, the Active Backup for G Suite Portal for efficient restoration, and so much more.

Cloud Sync - With Cloud Sync, you can seamlessly sync and share files among your Synology NAS and multiple public clouds, such as Dropbox, Baidu Cloud and Google Drive.

Log Center - offers an easy solution for gathering and displaying log messages from network devices. It provides you with a centralized log management interface and the flexible search function to help you find the useful information efficiently

Cloud Station Server - While Synology Drive Server provides all the same Cloud Station Server features, it has been enhanced to offer more powerful universal portal, optimized file synchronization performance, and file collaboration functions. We recommend upgrading to Synology Drive Server for a seamless application migration. Cloud Station Server allows you to centralize and sync your data from multiple platforms and keep historical versions of all your important files.

Hyper Backup - helps you back up data and LUNs, and retains multiple data backup versions to keep important information handy and easy to track. Hyper Backup also makes restoring data and LUNs simple and straightforward.

Hyper Backup Vault - allows another Synology server to perform backup to this Synology NAS via Hyper Backup. Hyper Backup Vault also provides the overview of all the backup targets on this Synology NAS.

Surveillance Station - Surveillance Station is a web-based application that can manage IP cameras to safeguard your home or office environment. With Surveillance Station, you can watch and record live view videos, set up scheduled recording, playback recorded events via web browser, VisualStation, or mobile device for remote monitoring. Notifications can also be sent to you whenever important events occur.

TeamViewer - you can immediately access, manage and control your Synology DSM from any Windows device remotely in a secure and convenient way.

Storage Analyzer - allows you to have a quick glance at the overall usage trends of your Synology NAS, create and manage tasks to analyze storage spaces, and generate detailed reports on volume usage.

Antivirus Essential - is a free and easy-to-use package that protects your Synology NAS and your files from viruses. Please note that installing this package might affect the performance of models with less than 512MB RAM.

WordPress - is an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. The package enables you to host a WordPress blog on your Synology NAS.

All Synology Applications are constantly up to date, to ensure their smooth operation. From a home use to an Enterprise solution, website hosting, surveillance etc. Synology has the answers when it comes to NAS. Get in touch to design your solution.

Fragkos Maragkou has been working for IBSCY for over 5 years. He is the team leader of the sales team and serves mostly small to medium size businesses. His expertise as a technical person provides the ability to offer the best possible solutions, compared with ROI. He holds several certifications of Microsoft, VMWare and other vendors.
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