NetSupport Partnership

It is our pleasure to announce the new partnership of IBSCY Ltd with NetSupport (http://www.netsupportsoftware.com). As from today we are authorized to resell, setup, configure and maintain all software of Netsupport. For one more time, we demonstrate our dedication on evolving, selling and maintaining new technologies and products in order to provide the ability for our new and existing customers to work more cost effective and effectively.

With 28 years’ development expertise and a 16 million worldwide install base, NetSupport is a leading producer of educational and corporate software solutions.

Both industry experts and Netsupport's customers worldwide consistently say that NetSupport products are the best in their class, so it’s no wonder they have won over 250 awards and sold in over 90 countries.

All of their products are available to download and try from HERE in your own environment without obligation and we will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Netsupport has the following products:

IBSCY Ltd has become a partner with Netsupport since it is one of the leaders in Corporate and Educational software.

For corporate environments, is a pioneer in the use of Remote-Control technology. NetSupport’s products have evolved in line with working practices with the emphasis on Security and Performance. Click here to view all the Corporate products of Netsupport.

With educational institutions now have a greater investment in ICT than ever before and the challenges of maintaining the technology, supporting teachers and protecting students continue to grow. Using Netsupport products, educational organizations have faster ROI on the investments they do. Click here to view all the Educational products of Netsupport.


Download a trial of NetSupport product HERE




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