Peplink and AWS Transit Gateway

By Olga Papadimitriou – Sales Administrator


Since March 8, 2022, Peplink have joined a group of leading SD-WAN partners helping AWS customers simplify and automate connections to AWS Transit Gateway. From that moment on, customers don’t have to set up multiple peer-to-peer VPN connections to each cloud application. Instead, they can set up just one connection to AWS Transit Gateway Connect and that makes life simpler and faster.

Peplink’s customers they can leverage advanced SpeedFusion capabilities in an optimal and secure manner. Also, they can deploy SpeedLink solution in a streamlined way and can achieve an Enterprise-grade global deployment seamlessly, which allows them to simplify the once complicated, manual setup.

SpeedFusion technology gives customers powerful tools to improve quality of connectivity as well as cost at any location. The incorporation with AWS Transit Gateway Connect allows Peplink customers to achieve high speed and low latency connections to AWS Transit Gateway at the edge of the AWS global network. Customers can connect to their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) in any AWS Region, or between their on-premises data centres using AWS Cloud WAN at the very moment they connect to AWS Transit Gateway.

Users can now build faster and more responsive and secure SpeedFusion connections with AWS Transit Gateway Connect to the edge of the AWS network. Combined with Peplink and its strong wireless SD-WAN capability in businesses of all sizes, they can use 4G and 5G networks to enhance or replace wired connections at their edge locations.

Amazon Transit Gateway Connect

Amazon Transit Gateway is a cloud router that connects all VPCs, centralizes the AWS network and enables user to connect a VPC hosting FusionHub to the Amazon Transit Gateway using a Standard GRE tunnel with 5Gbps of bandwidth.

AWS Transit Gateway Connect unifies SpeedFusion branch networks and AWS cloud applications. As a result, network becomes simpler and operating costs are cut down. In addition, a single connection to an Amazon Transit Gateway can be used instead of setting up peer-to-peer VPN connections to each cloud application.

The following pictures give a better understanding of how it works:

Peplink and AWS Transit Gateway before

Peplink and AWS Transit Gateway after

InControl Setup Guide for Managing FusionHub & AWS Transit Gateway Connections

FusionHub on AWS allows users to establish SpeedFusion connections between AWS VPC and on-premises Peplink devices. AWS Transit Gateway Connect, and Peering Connection integration allows users’ on-premises networks in different worldwide locations to connect through AWS Cloud and be able to access other services on AWS.

IBSCY Ltd as a partner of Peplink in Cyprus is eligible to sell, install, configure, maintain and support Peplink systems to provide the best solutions with high expertise to meet any businesses’ requirements.

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