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Commercial boats, in contrast to privately owned yachts, are frequently built to sail farther, carry more people, and turn a profit. So, the three most crucial characteristics of an optimal connection solution for commercial boats have evolved to include being dependable, quick, and still feasible at a low cost.

A deployment that enables the use of cellular signals at a great distance and all required networking is the key to achieving them all. With its ultra-high gain design and IP68-rated covers, Peplink's Maritime Antenna Series may ensure that you have the fewest cellular blackspots when at sea.

  • Small vessels: A single-cellular router will be the best option for small vessels like fishing boats or tugboats that only need connectivity for close-to-land activities.
  • Support vessels: Connecting support vessels is a different matter. These ships are frequently engaged in missions offshore; thus, the connections cannot fail. You should rely on a dual-cellular router and SpeedFusion in these situations.
  • Container ships: Container ships typically go internationally and encounter more challenging conditions when they travel to progressively farther destinations. They must rely on several Internet Service Providers while visiting other nations in order to avoid paying for international roaming. This requires adept SIM handling.
  • Cruise ships: Like container ships, cruise ships require a connection that is dependable enough for extended cruises. Nevertheless, because they are larger and can accommodate many people, there is a greater restriction on cabling and a considerably higher demand for bandwidth.

It is not simple to have quick and affordable connectivity while at sea. IBSCY as a certified partner of Peplink in Cyprus provides solutions for all kinds of commercial vessels in Cyprus and abroad ensuring unbreakable connection for seamless operations and customer satisfaction.


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