Peplink solutions for Yachts & Superyachts

By Olga Papadimitriou – Sales Administrator


Unbreakable Maritime Connectivity is essential for every vessel not only because is bringing pleasure to users but also because increases navigational capabilities and secures communications.

Peplink combines multiple LTE, WiFi and VSAT for reliable and fast onboard connectivity

Reliable Internet connectivity provides enhanced enjoyment onboard and increased navigational capabilities (location of the nearest marina, weather reports, nautical charts) as well as additional entertainment for the guests and crew (social media, IP Radio/TV, news) and secure corporate communications (VoIP, email, and messaging). However, getting reliable internet connectivity at sea has several challenges specific to this difficult and constantly changing environment.

The challenges to be addressed in Maritime Connectivity fall into the following three points:

  • Fluctuating Network Availability. Network availability as well as speed of links vary based on the vessel’s location. Peplink combines any connection to ensure connectivity is always available.
  • Bandwidth Need for Shipboard Resources. The rising bandwidth requirements for streaming IPTV, email, access to company servers and external cloud and CCTV footages can no longer be accommodated by incumbent satellite solutions.
  • Connection Cost Control. Peplink can automatically prioritize data usage to lower cost connections, such as local LTE over satellite, or port WiFi over LTE to avoid data cost from spiralling out of control.

Peplink makes connectivity reliable as is the leader in SD-WAN solutions

With SpeedFusion SD-WAN routers deployed around the world, Peplink helps thousands of customers from various industry fields to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. Its complete product line includes models for businesses of every size and provides a high Internet experience for all customers.

Solutions, Devices and Use Cases for Yachts and Superyachts (50m-90m Motor Yachts)

Yachts and Superyachts have long been bringing pleasure to their owners and guests, not only because of the view they can reach but also because of the luxury experience they deliver. However, is essential to ensure the quality of trips onboard. Unbreakable high-speed connectivity and a stable network should always be on standby for any maritime seasonal plan, from short-term near shore leisure trips, to offshore cruises. When clients demand the best services, you must go the extra mile to provide them unique experiences that will boost your business. Satisfied customers build long-lasting relationships with the businesses and keep coming back while giving positive feedback and lots of positive commerce via sharing their delightful experiences on social media.

Peplink multiple solutions for Superyachts are shown on the table below:

table maritime peplink


IBSCY Ltd is the only Certified Peplink Partner in Cyprus. We are IT consultants and IT integrators specialized in cloud services and applications, systems integration, IT infrastructure, collaboration, management and security solutions.  We provide IT services and IT support to all size of businesses. We are eligible to sell, install, configure, maintain and support Peplink systems to provide complete intelligent solutions and meet the requirements of every business. In IBSCY Ltd we are using and applying new technologies to offer the advantage to our clients to be competitive and have a fast and actual ROI (Return On Investment). With our partnership with Peplink, who is a world-leading networking and connectivity technology company, we give to our clientele the expertise and professionalism they need.


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