Peplink SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding and Seamless Failover explained

By Marios Tsimaris – Senior Engineer at Support Services


Peplink's licensed SpeedFusion innovation powers undertaking VPNs that tap into the transmission capacity of up to 13 low-cost link, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and different connections associated anyplace on your corporate or institutional WAN. Regardless of whether you're moving a couple of archives or driving constant POS information, video feeds, and VoIP discussions, SpeedFusion siphons every one of your information down a solitary fat information pipe that is financial plan cordial, ultra-quick, and effectively configurable to suit any systems administration condition.

PepVPN is the establishment of VPN motor. It is perfect for building up a protected passage over any WAN connection. On all the advantages of IPsec and other ordinary VPN advances, the PepVPN engine likewise offers:

Significant distance Ethernet link − PepVPN permits a safe and consistent Ethernet burrow over any IP association (Layer 2 over Layer 3). It for all intents and purposes gives a significant distance Ethernet link over any WAN connection.

Consistent change − PepVPN and SpeedFusion share a similar establishment VPN motor. It implies all your PepVPN and SpeedFusion gadgets will work immaculately together. It likewise permits you effectively update a PepVPN endpoint to SpeedFusion, to exploit the additional advantages, without stressing over similarity.

Works in any powerful IP condition − PepVPN is completely good with any unique IP condition and NAT, permitting you to set up a VPN behind a NAT door or firewall without agonizing over static IP addresses.

SpeedFusion Hot Failover − Unbreakable VoIP and VPN

SpeedFusion Hot Failover is a premium add-on that consistently deals with various repetitive associations with keep VPNs and VoIP arrangements going.

Simple arrangement − Just include associations, you can even blend wired and remote connections of various WAN advancements.

Unbreakable VoIP and VPN − With other VPN advances, WAN failover ends existing VPN associations, making exorbitant personal time. SpeedFusion Hot Failover forestalls this by keeping up secure passages over all accessible WAN connections. If there should arise an occurrence of a WAN disappointment, SpeedFusion Hot Failover will right away and flawlessly change traffic to another accessible passage. This gives unbreakable VPNs and VoIP meetings.

Where you can use Unbreakable VPN:

  • Retail & Branch Networking
  • Public Safety – CCTV and Radio over IP Streaming
  • Cellular VPN Backhaul
  • Remote Network Extensions over Layer 2 VPN
  • Bandwidth Bonding and Connectivity Diversification

SpeedFusion Bonding − Packet-Level Bandwidth Bonding.

Cooperating with Hot Failover and PepVPN, SpeedFusion Bonding collaborates every one of your associations with give you blasting throughput at whatever point you need it.

Multi-provider bandwidth bonding − SpeedFusion Bonding joins different connections from various suppliers into a solitary, superfast burrow.

Automatic Hot Failover handoff − SpeedFusion Bonding screens associations and naturally gives control to Hot Failover when connections become shaky.

Simple, on-request versatility − Need more speed for mission-basic VPNs? What about brief transmission capacity for a particular task? With SpeedFusion Bonding, you can connect associations from any supplier and get more transmission capacity quickly. What's more, you can unplug associations whenever, monitoring your availability costs.

Highlight Comparison

With the new three-level structure, it's never been simpler to move to SpeedFusion and see why clients around the globe have supplanted IPsec and other traditional VPN innovations. Still not certain which SpeedFusion advancements are directly for you? Look at the convenient outline underneath.


Meet Marios Tsimaris, an IT professional who has been contributing his knowledge and expertise to IBSCY for the past 4 years. Marios holds the position of Senior Engineer at Support Services, playing a vital role in the success of the organization. His commitment to excellence is evident through his contributions and achievements. Notably, Marios has recently achieved the esteemed certification of Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert. This accomplishment underscores his proficiency in efficiently managing complex IT environments, a testament to his dedication and expertise


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