Peplink UBR Plus: faster, affordable, capable, and always available

Peplink UBR Plus is a low-profile router designed for multi-WAN capabilities that ensure unbreakable connection wherever you are. No matter how exact your requirements are, it will fit your deployment thanks to its durable exterior and dual cellular modems.

The rated throughput of the UBR Plus is 900 Mbps. A 300Mb/sec downlink data throughput and a 150Mb/sec uplink data rate are other features of the LTE (CAT-7) modem. The LTE (CAT-6) modem offers a data throughput of 300Mb/sec in the downlink and 50Mb/sec in the uplink.

UBR Plus is suitable for mobile use. With a sturdy metal shell that is appropriate for transportable usage, it can operate in temperatures between -40 °F and +149 °F. For safe power installation in cars and harsh environments, there is an industrial 4-Pin Molex Micro-Fit connection.

With UBR Plus you may access on-demand data plans and only pay for what you use thanks to SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE. An all-in-one solution, SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE provides access to both LTE data and SpeedFusion Connect Protect.

Connect to various carriers by adding an additional 8 SIM cards to your deployment using the SIM Injector. The SIM Injector not only increases SIM capacity but also offers 100 meters of flexibility between the router and SIM cards, enabling you to position the cellular router wherever you choose without worrying about switching SIM cards.

From branch connectivity to transportation or public safety, UBR Plus is the ideal device.



Figure 1 UBR Plus front


Figure 2   UBR Plus back


Figure 3   UBR Plus LORA back


IBSCY LTD is the only certified partner of Peplink in Cyprus and the only specialized partner of Peplink in the region. Our certified personnel are eligible to sell, install, configure, maintain, and support all Peplink products. With several installation of Peplink products and services in Cyprus and in Europe, we can guarantee that you will use the right device and services of Peplink.

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