Press Release - Ritz-Carlton Collaboration

Limassol, Cyprus – April 6, 2021

We are happy to announce that IBSCY Ltd has been awarded the contract for the provision of technology consulting for one of the largest and most reputable construction projects in Limassol. IBS has been chosen by Leonetti Co. Ltd, a licensed contractor of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C., for the construction of ‘’The Ritz-Carlton Residences’’ in Limassol. The main responsibility of IBS in this project is to oversee the IT and technology part of the brand-new ‘’ The Ritz-Carlton Residences’’. IBS was chosen for its extensive experience and expertise in numerous projects as an IT consulting and technology project management company.

The Ritz-Carlton is a multinational subsidiary of Marriott International with 108 luxury hotels in 30 countries. The Ritz-Carlton has approximately 30,000 rooms in total and it is well-known for its superlative guest experience and its high levels of quality standards. As a result, it has won many important awards from Forbes, Trip Advisor, Baldrige, and more.

The Ritz-Carlton’s attention to detail and superior standards were matched by IBS’s perfectionism to deliver the optimum solution in terms of technological solutions and services. The residencies, which are currently under construction, are considered as one of the largest developments in Limassol and Cyprus in general, consisting of 174 luxurious suites located in a 33-floor tower. Among the many services that tenants will enjoy, one can find a spa, golf simulators, and cinema rooms. IBS will provide expertise and know-how for all the technology that the residencies will need for their daily operation. IBS will work closely with Marriott’s technology team to create a design that fully complies with Marriott’s Design Standards. After designing the whole project, IBS is responsible to prepare a Request for Quotation (RFQ) and use its expertise to evaluate all proposals and make sure that the contesters precisely follow all the requirements. Lastly, IBS will conduct regular site surveys to ensure that the winning contractor completes the project successfully and on time.

George Agathangelou, who is the head of the Professional Services team that will work on this project states that ‘‘this is the first project that bears the Ritz-Carlton name in Cyprus and the only Ritz-Carlton Residencies located in Europe. It is an honour for IBS that will be part of the endeavour of creating a unique residential experience in Limassol with such high standards as The Ritz-Carlton’s’’

For more information regarding this project see InBusiness’ article about the agreement by visiting this link.

Press Contact:

George Agathangelou


Professional Services Director

+357 25254553

[email protected]



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