Rapid growth in Cloud Telephony service market 2022-2029

By Olga Papadimitriou – Business Development Officer

Cloud telephony service is a robust solution enabling SMBs to have a sophisticated and unified business telephone system without any initial hardware investment and can help in faster and more efficient customer service as well as geographically clientele expansion.

Research results in Cloud telephony service market shows that significant grow is expected in the period of 2020 to 2029. Cloud telephony services enable business-to-business communication replacing the conventional phone line system by using internet connectivity. In other words, cloud telephony service is used to move business phone systems to cloud where the benefits are multiplying. Employees can easily work from home, abroad or from their mobile phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system, without compromising on quality and cost.

Today’s business operations demand continuous streamline to improve business efficiency. The digitalization of the non-stop growing number of small and medium scale enterprises lead to increased volume of organizational data and IT solution needs. Rising deployment of cloud services reduce operational costs and contribute significantly to business growth.

On the other hand, lack of skilled workforce and technological expertise rises issues such as data loss over internet, privacy risks due to increasing number of cyber-attacks and availability of alternative communication systems.

IBSCY Ltd is a leading provider of Cloud Telephony in Cyprus and abroad. Its new own and innovative solution in the telecommunication sector enables users to place a call from any device, any place, without the burden of buying the traditional PBX equipment. Upgrading the existing on-premises telephony system to the cloud it greatly diminishes the complexities, often with just a phone handset or a soft phone been required. Hence, cloud telephony is easy to install, whether for a single or multiple offices or locations. The solutions offered by IBSCY Ltd are flexible and meet the needs of every small and medium enterprises in Cyprus and in the wider region. Find out more about IBSCY Cloud Telephony service on IBSCY Cloud Telephony

Internet & Connectivity growth

Along with cloud computing and cloud telephony services there is a growing need for seamless internet connectivity which allows employees and companies to communicate with each other uninterruptedly. Therefore, it is important to have the appropriate network infrastructures either in-house or as-a-service (rent) in which case the cost is almost negligible as no initial investment is required. As for the employee training cost, it varies in accordance with business size.

IBSCY Ltd, being a partner with strong firm partnerships eliminates any connectivity challenge and makes sure you enjoy all cloud telephony options, communicating seamlessly from anywhere you are with any preferred mean. From video conferences to simple calls, IBSCY Ltd is your partner to achieve high-level communication so you can focus to other organizational operations without interruptions and let your business flourish.

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