IBS Special Bundle


The invisible threat of Covid-19 has disrupted the way that companies work and operate all around the world.  In order to ensure everyone’s safety, companies have shifted most of their operations in a remote basis.  In many countries, including Cyprus, almost 50% of all employees have taken their office to their homes.

However, employees face numerous problems in their transition to work from home such as:

  • Access to the company’s files has become much more difficult as employees need to take a vast amount of data with them as they leave the office.
  • Corporate phones cannot be transferred at home, leaving employees hopeless in making and receiving calls to and from customers.
  • Ordinary Wi-Fi connections are much more vulnerable to threats, thus leaving important information exposed.
  • Inhouse IT departments may not be able to handle all the work required to transfer huge amounts of employees at home.

IBS which has a long experience concerning IT solutions has recognised these problems and has created a bundle, specifically designed for such situations.  Now you can easily send and receive emails with the fast and reliable Microsoft Outlook while staying connected to various collaboration tools such as share calendar, external contacts, and conference rooms.

Moreover, with the use of cloud technology you can stay connected with all your files from anywhere and any device without interruption. Also, cloud telephony enables you to place business calls form your mobile device or desktop without the burden of moving hardware and cables! At the same time, you can save huge amounts of money on telephony costs, internationally and locally.

Therefore, you can trust IBS to support your operations and provide security because we love dealing with those IT issues that you hate!

Get all the above for ONLY €25 per user/per month

*Valid until the end of 2020.


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