Synology C2 Backup for OneDrive and Mac protection

Synology’s direct-to-cloud data protection solution, C2 Backup, supports macOS and Microsoft OneDrive. All new and current C2 Backup users may benefit from support for Mac and Microsoft 365 backups.

Back up your Business Microsoft OneDrive

Through full-device backups of Windows and Mac operating systems, C2 Backup, a component of the Synology C2 cloud ecosystem, offers effective protection and restoration for an infinite number of desktops and laptops.

The option to backup all your important data saved on Microsoft OneDrive for Business has been enabled by C2 Backup. With planned daily backups and file-level restoration, businesses that utilize Microsoft 365 for cloud storage can now preserve data such as employee accounts, Microsoft 365 Exchange mail data, and files in OneDrive.

Utilizing incremental backup technology, C2 Backup for Microsoft 365 uploads only updated data blocks following the first backup, saving time, and using less storage space.

Keep data of all Mac device secure

C2 Backup uses the natural snapshot features of macOS to create more dependable and consistent backup copies that completely safeguard employee devices, including their programs and system settings. Time Machine integration allows C2 Backup to track changes fast and efficiently without affecting system performance.

In the age of the Cloud, Synology develops network-attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and networking hardware that completely change how users store data, conduct surveillance, and administer networks. Synology allows customers consolidate data storage and backup, exchange information on-the-go, put in place expert monitoring solutions, and administer networks in a dependable and cheap manner by fully utilizing the most recent technology. Synology provides customers with world-class products and cutting-edge functionality.

IBSCY Ltd as a certified partner of Synology in Cyprus offers multiple solutions to businesses in Cyprus and the wider region. IBS has the knowledge and experience to sell, install, and maintain all Synology products as an expert provider of total IT products and IT services.

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