Synology Disk Station Solutions

Data is at the core of the transformation of every industry, and this is where Synology has a deeply important role to play. Our objective at its very centre is to manage and protect the data from the world. Synology enables each business to manage, secure and protect its data wherever access from flash to disk is required to multiple cloud architectures – to the degree necessary to manage digital world exponential data growth.

Synology Solution

Synology Disk Stations provide excellent data management service. This station allows data storage, synchronisation, and replication through various devices. With all the modern feature information, disk stations allow users to backup and sync without losing confidentiality. Separate stations may be assigned to perform backup and sync, giving you greater control over the operation of your company. Synology disk stations are customized to the NAS storage solution to give you reasonable durability by using it as a pair.

You can create a bay which has multiple slots to perform redundant backups as and when needed. This method also prevents any kind of hard drive malfunction. The disk stations are designed through hybrid system to maintain data security and integrity. This ensures your data is secure even if any of the hard drives fail. Both the disk stations have superior efficiency by removing the need for manual backups.

It’s completely obvious that Synology recognizes that they must not only stay competitive on a hardware front, but also on the software front. With users now provided free resources such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and Google Images, Synology is trying to bring the flexibility within your own walls to give you complete control over all your data.

The disk stations provided by Synology are the best option for organizations that work in teams to better manage the storage process and grant various users permissions. Use Synology cloud station, power, management, and better communication are given in the best possible way.

Disk station for SMEs

Synology DiskStation DS923+ is a flexible storage platform for small businesses and home offices. The DS923+ gives complete solutions to safeguard and manage company data, quickly collaborate on papers, view files remotely, and monitor physical assets, all within a small desktop configuration. It is powered by the flexible Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system. With the flexibility to quickly enhance networking and further increase data transfer rates with network cards, it gives consistent performance right out of the box.

Find all Synology DiskStation models here.

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