Synology DiskStation manager (DSM): One device fits all

By Olga Papadimitriou – Business Development Officer

Synology's fully integrated Network Video Recording (NVR) solution is a surveillance station that combines Synology's storage solutions with surveillance station's multiple features making it an excellent NVR.

Synology Drive, which replaced Synology Cloud Station, gives access to several additional capabilities in addition to Cloud Station's primary features. For managing files, the Synology Drive, for instance, provides a web gateway. Additionally, you may synchronize and manage shared files as well as handle files and folders in your own area, shared team folders, view shared files with ease using an easy-to-use interface and more. A 100% data ownership is possible when you convert your Synology NAS into your own private cloud at no additional cost.

Every Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) is powered by the user-friendly operating system Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM). Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) simplifies IT challenges, so that people can concentrate on what they do best leaving Synology to organize and preserve data.

DSM features and solutions overview.

With its amazing DiskStations and the recent release of DiskStation Manager 7.1, Synology has maintained its competitive edge, in both the hardware and software markets, with DSM’s multiple and improved features:

  1. Multimedia. Keep your digital media organized in Synology NAS and enjoy them from web or your preferred platform.
  2. File Management. Files from several devices may be managed, synced, and shared using a single platform.
  3. Productivity. With a collection of private and secure technologies, you can improve team cooperation and complete tasks faster.
  4. Data Protection. Protect data from hardware malfunctions, disasters, and unintentional destruction.
  5. Virtualization. Directly deploy virtual machines and containers or provide external hypervisors reliable storage.
  6. User Management. Utilize powerful directory services to manage user accounts and devices throughout your whole organization.
  7. System Administration. Centralized monitoring and configuration can simplify management.
  8. Security. Utilize cutting-edge security technologies to defend your Synology NAS against the most complex attacks.
  9. Surveillance. Utilize technologies for intelligent video management and monitoring to safeguard your home or place of business.

The solutions offered are suitable for any kind and size of business as well as private users.

a) For private users. Start small, gather all your crucial information in one place, and use a variety of backup techniques to safeguard what is crucial.

b) For SMBs. Small and medium-sized businesses with existing edge installations or future ambitions can use Synology's robust, affordable models. SMBs can gain from the affordable and dependable Synology NAS if they're looking for a sophisticated storage solution. Also, organizations can create virtual machine environments to build digital workplaces for certain users or distant offices. Sandboxing and virtualized environments are ideal for Synology systems, which are made for IO-demanding and latency-sensitive applications. High-powered, low-latency Synology NAS is advantageous for companies of all sizes searching for a comprehensive storage solution. Synology NAS for enterprises with high-performance, low-latency storage system is beneficial for large organizations with dispersed offices and heavy workloads.

c) For IT enthusiasts. The dependable Synology products are the best option for anybody wishing to manage, save, and safeguard their personal and professional data.

As a Synology partner in Cyprus, IBSCY Ltd provides a variety of solutions to organizations in Cyprus and the surrounding area, ensuring that all crucial data is protected from threats and facilitating smooth company operations.


Olga Papadimitriou is the Business Development Officer of IBSCY LTD. She is responsible for all the marketing activities of the company as well as business development in terms of expanding our clientele and services.


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