The neccessity of Technology Audit

By Fragkos Maragkou – Solutions Architect

Nowadays, most organisations, regardless their size, rely on the IT infrastructure to keep the business going and the clients happy. A technology Audit is also called an IT audit and it is a detailed evaluation of a business IT infrastructure in terms of (hardware) as well as how is that infrastructure being used (software). When conducted regularly, it can prevent possible security risks and ensure the correct computing general functionality. An IT Audit assesses an organisations’ information systems and safeguards to protect them. It covers a vast amount of IT infrastructure including Software, Telephony, Antivirus, Firewall, Operating Systems, Web Services, Servers, and Network applications that link the above.

Why is it Necessary?

For businesses that are looking to protect their IT systems as well as any valuable data, an IT Audit is critical. While conducting an IT Audit, the Auditors will spot and highlight potential threats, as well as expose possible threats that users might be exposed to daily, without acknowledging it. This way the Risks will be reduced in the organisation. Additional tasks like efficiency, reliability and effectiveness can also be solved by a regular valuation of the risks in the company.

Moreover, an IT Audit can prevent numerous Fraud attempts, that users might not be aware of. For example, by simply adding multifunction authentication as well as applying the correct Web filters, will make sure that the users have the smoothest and safest environment possible.

IT Audit has also been proved to enhance IT governance, as it is essential for a company to be operating effectively, systems-wise.

An IT Audit will also Evaluate the System as well as the way that a company operates. The auditors will advise when/where to invest your money, to get the best possible outcome from your equipment. This usually comes in a time diagram with suggestion priorities – meaning that the urgent propositions should be considered doing before the rest.

Another scope of the IT Audit is to restructure and strengthen, poorly designed controls. It also shows if the compliance requirements are met.


An IT Audit is extremely important for any type of business, from lawyers to accountants to supermarkets. The aim is to make the entire IT infrastructure, as invulnerable as possible.

By regularly conducting the IT Audit, the Auditors will help monitor, manage the entire system, and prevent loss of data, backup, technology security risks etc. The IT Audit is not a simple process, and it can take time to conclude, but it will expose possible threats that a company might not be aware of. The focus areas are on Networks, servers, and end users’ operations.

An IT Audit is very beneficial for any type of organisation that wants to protect its assets and proficiency. Even though nobody can guarantee the full compliance of IT standards, it still protects the business from various IT-related risks. Lastly, while performing the IT Audit, ineffective areas will be acknowledged, saving time and money in the future.

IBSCY Ltd and its business consultants offer Technology Audit in Cyprus, among its many other IT services, in order to examine and evaluate your organization's information technology infrastructure and operations. Accordingly, our experienced technology advisors in Cyprus will recommend the best IT solutions for your organisation.

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