Total IT solutions: Trouble-free strategy

By Fragkos Maragkou – Solutions Architect

Regardless of what kind of company you may think of, or what are you dealing with, IT Solutions/Services play a vigorous role in the day-to-day routines of any modern company. At the same time, any information or data related to IT is usually absolutely critical to the continuity and or success of the company. These IT solutions, frequently cover many subjects and fields. A few companies handle this in-house, whereas others choose to designate this to an external service IT provider, to ensure smooth IT operations. All in all, no matter if you are dealing with cutting-edge tech services, or if you are a traditional services company, you need IT. IT stands for Information technology and it embraces all computers, the internet, networks, cloud services, and many more. In this article, we are going to break down some of the most important IT solutions a company needs and explain why it is beneficial having one IT Provider handle all needs.


The network infrastructure of a company, typically includes the connection of the internet from the provider, all the way to the last computer/user on the internal network. Network services begin with the setup and configuration of the network infrastructure at your offices, including servers, firewalls, preventing malicious traffic, etc. All the above comprise the IT Infrastructure.


The data of a company is invaluable in terms of money. In addition to infrastructure management, companies need robust network policies to protect their data. A few simple but important policies that could be applied include Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), cybersecurity, etc.


Equipment such as computers, printers, servers, etc can be found in every office. Do they always work as they should? – NO. This is where a helpdesk IT service can help your company focus on the day-to-day tasks and avoid spending time trying to fix problems that arise. Some of the services provided could be installation, setup, configuration, maintenance, replacement, and repair of equipment and machinery.


Regardless of choosing to back up your data on the cloud or even at external data centers, it will keep you covered preserving your information in case of unexpected problems. This could be a malicious attack, natural disaster, or even hardware failure. Having at least one form of backup is mandatory to prevent downtime or critical information loss. It is often known as the Backup Disaster Recovery strategy.


IT experts are the appropriate people to help you plan tomorrow. Our IT consultants can figure out what is needed to reach your goals and stay updated in the vast changing technology while keeping the budget on track. We offer Proactive IT maintenance which not only will keep the daily operations on spot, but also recommendations and suggestions for a futureproof setup.


Cloud is a huge internet-connected platform, in which the user can store, access, or interact with information and programs. Some cloud service providers allow their members to work directly from the cloud, without the need of having the programs installed on their devices. The great advantage of the cloud is that users can access information and data from anywhere, home or office. A great example is Microsoft Azure of Amazon’s AWS new plans.


Companies around the globe, rely on email servers mostly for their external communications, making them an essential tool for maintaining relationships between clients and vendors. Having the correct domain, and email hosting make your company more attractive as well as unblemished operations. A great example is M365’s new plans.


Telephony Services contain voice communications internal or external for each company. From the traditional PBX on-prem to Cloud telephony, the main key is to improve the quality and lower the costs.

IT Solutions are a necessity for every company to stay ahead of the competition, as well as to stay afloat in the existing business environment. Every organization has its own needs.  Today, modern business is required to maintain top customer support and quality while using cutting-edge technology and software solutions. IBSCY, as a leading IT company in Cyprus, is your one-stop IT Solutions provider as we combine all the above and beyond to offer your company a Total IT Solutions strategy. With our strong partnerships with leading vendors such as Microsoft, Fortinet, Synology, HPE, Aruba, VMWare and more, we can provide you with high-quality IT products and services. Our certified personnel can successfully undertake any IT project management and offer exquisite IT Support services. Having us handling/maintaining/advising the IT Services part, you can focus on growing your business. Your success is our success.

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