Using Peplink Devices for Yachts and Vessels

By Elina Toufexi – Business Development Officer


Peplink is a world-leading networking and connectivity technology company, selling under its own brands – ‘Peplink’ and ‘Pepwave.’ Peplink is the industry leading WAN/VPN Bonding and Load balancing equipment manufacturer.

Demand for internet connectivity on yachts has increased progressively over the past few years. Even when afloat, everyone wants a reliable internet connection – whether for work or pleasure. Although finding a cost-effective solution with internet connection flexibility, reliability, cost control that is also capable of providing plenty of bandwidth is a challenge.

Good Internet connectivity in maritime nowadays is a necessity for:

  • Enhanced navigational capabilities (nautical charts, weather reports)
  • Additional entertainment for the crew and guests (IP Radio/TV, news, social media)
  • Secure corporate communications (voice and radio over IP, email and messaging)

Peplink devices make this as easy as possible by being able to connect to multiple internet connections of different types at the same time whilst also being clever about how they are used. Peplink routers can combine VSAT, WAN, 4G/3G LTE, WiFi, in fact any tail circuit, into usable bandwidth (aka SD-WAN). Peplink offers a range of tailor-made solutions of highly advanced technology along with unparalleled experience in the maritime market. Peplink devices are suitable for yachts of all sizes, ferries, cruise ships and even transportation ships.

For Yacht connectivity: Use Peplink to combine 4G LTE, 3G and VSAT connections, ensuring that you have high-quality Wi-Fi Internet access wherever the journeys take you.

For vessels connectivity: Ocean projects require high bandwidth and reliability in very inaccessible locations. Use a MAX router to combine VSAT and LTE connections into a rock-solid VPN that stays connected no matter where your project goes.

How does it work?

The vessel will be connected to point-to-point Wi-Fi, when at shore. When this becomes unavailable, it will fail-over to cellular network connections provided by the MAX HD2 IP67s. When it exits shore coverage, cellular networks take control before the cellular towers. At that point, VSAT takes over, with the Iridium satellite phone as an extra failover choice. For a graphic representation, see picture below:


Benefits of Peplink devices in the maritime market:

  • Flexibility: Connect to anything from Wi-Fi to VSAT to cellular.
  • Reliability/Strong connectivity: Always stay online because of the ability to prioritize and failover between all connections.
  • Cost Savings: Connections are prioritized from least to highest cost networks such as Wi-Fi (as WAN) so they are designed being cost-effective and overage charges from cellular or VSAT providers can be easily minimized.
  • Support: Prompt technical support for any problem you might face.

As the only certified Peplink partner in Cyprus, we can sell, install, configure, maintain and support the latest Peplink products for our customers to enjoy better connectivity services. IBSCY Ltd believes that quality, innovative products, and passionate customer service can help everyone experience a better-connected world. That’s why happy customers around the globe depend on Peplink and this is what we would like to offer to our clientele.

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