Using Synology as an NVR: What to consider

By Fragkos Maragkou – Solutions Architect

Introduction to NVR

There are countless applications for surveillance cameras. Mainly it has been used over the years for security and criminal or mischievous activity in/or around your business or home. However, it is a vast growing business and are more and more case studies of alternative uses including traffic control in the streets, remote site viewing, warehouse management, public safety – the uses are truly unlimited. Surveillance cameras can be found in many sizes, forms, and types with a variety of functionality – Colours are usually black or white, and the lens can be fixed or Pan-Tilt-, nanny cams to outdoor cameras to IP cameras, bullet/dome etc. There is a lot of aspects that can specify the correct equipment you may need. What are you trying to monitor / observe? What type of detail do you require? How far away is it? Some questions to help determine include: What type of lighting will there be? Will you need cameras indoors or outdoors or both (weatherproof or not)? How wide a viewing angle? Another important factor to consider is to whether or not and to what degree you need to record the video, how long should the recorded files last before overwrite? Do you intend to back up the video? For how long do you need to archive this video data?

Synology Surveillance Station

Surveillance Station is a security monitoring application on Synology NAS that allows you to manage IP cameras to safeguard your home and office environments. Surveillance Station is a professional Network Video Recording (NVR) package bundled with DiskStation Manager (DSM). You can use Surveillance Station together with your existing surveillance equipment to gain situational awareness, allowing you to make informed decisions to efficiently safeguard your home or office environment. There are many powerful surveillance features including:

  • Remotely record and monitor live video footage from IP cameras paired with your Synology NVR
  • Conveniently watch recorded video footage via web browser and mobile device
  • Set up automatic recording schedules
  • Detect potentially suspicious behaviour and receive automated alert notifications
  • Interface with your Axis Door Controller to monitor entry/exit areas
  • Easily search for and review all generated surveillance logs

Some of the most useful applications of the Surveillance Station includes:

  • IP CAMERA - you can configure IP cameras, and organize them into groups to help you manage your devices effectively. Moreover, you can transfer the cameras from one server to another once you have set up a central management system.
  • NOTIFICATIONS - you can set up Surveillance Station to send you notifications via email, SMS message, or mobile device when system status changes or errors occur, e.g., a camera connection was lost, movement detection etc.
  • ACTION RULE - you can manage many action rules that automate different surveillance functions and reduce the manual labour needed to perform surveillance.
  • LIVE VIEW - you can use Live View as the main interface for viewing live video from many cameras. Live View includes a lot of features to help perform real-time surveillance monitoring. Remotely and on premise.
  • CMS - allows you to set your Synology NVR as a host server while adding multiple Synology NAS/NVR devices as recording servers to form a larger surveillance network. The host server acts as the central interface to monitor cameras managed by other recording servers.
  • RECORDING and PLAYBACK – Manage, play, export recordings with an spontaneous interface.
  • VAST CAM SUPPORT – ONVIF profile and over 6900 IP cameras from various brands supported.
  • MOBILE – Mobile app for IOs and Android devices, to monitor anytime-anywhere.

Using Synology Surveillance Station, you can have not only a complete/advanced solution for your surveillance needs, but at the same time you are able to build a File server, backup ie., at no extra cost. You are able to record as you go with no Storage Limitations.

Another great feature of the Synology Surveillance Station is that you will get no interruption during uploading. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to be able to record. The records can be stored on the supported devices during internet loss. Once the connection is restored, it allows for retrieval of the stored videos automatically.

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